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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Id-io-syn-cra-sy is any personal particular mannerism, quirk, peculiar characteristic, distinguishing, etc. My, oh my, did I pick a doozy of a word this week. It has been stuck in my brain for a couple of weeks and won't disappear. The word itself seems peculiar, or is it just me, "that's peculiar!' (Those of you that have read any of "MY" peculiarity, probably believe I fit in real good with this here damn word that won't get out of my head.)

My favorite prose is take a word and see where it leads me! These words won't leave my twilight zone of a brain, so I write it down on a post it note and attach it to my computer. Leave it alone fer awhile until my brainee knows what to do with it!

My head don't have much intel, but is full of voices that love to play with me and try to make me CRASY! Short drive, one hop, skip and a jump, I beat them to it. I been an IDIO-t from day one, it runs deep in my family history. They say "the IDIO-t don't fall too far from the family tree," u-know. (I'm trying out my newest quirk, typing Canadian IDIOm.

Before I began playing around with a computer and learning to type, seems only yesterday. Oh shit! that was only last year! Any who... songs would #%&* with my brain! It seemed soo much easier back then. These songs weren't the normal type ones that would come out of nowhere, huh, uh! Oh no! They would be silly-ass songs like "Don't Worry Be Happy" or "She Wore Yellow Purple Dot Bikini" or another oldy but terrible "Playing With Your Own Ding-A-Ling." It couldn't be normal songs from The Beatles, Stones, Turtles, Joplin etc.  

So I began typing simple words with simple sentences with simple letters like a, e, I, O, and u. When I started typing I felt as though I was committing SYN to the typing Gods. Man, oh man the words that appeared on the monitor from all my mistakes. English Teachers in heaven were looking down on me and seeing  all the IDIO-tic CRA-SIES I was typing and asked the Big Guy for a transfer down to be Volunteer Angels to help me! I haven't been writing very long, seems no more Angels wanted to help me! The final straw may have been when Sister Mary said some mighty peculiar words after working with me for awhile. I'm hard of hearing and well I heard some mighty SYNful sounding words coming out of the old Nun. U-know, I think I pushed her a mite too hard and SY went plum CRA-SY! I told Mother Mary English were my worst subject in school. I think SY was mad because Sy asked the Big Guy for her wooden yardstick to use on me and he said no!

I been practicing on ya'all for close to 100 post, u-know and slowly I'm learning more and more words, so probably u-know I'll never runout of new and unusual words to lay on ya! I'm plum sorry about that u-know. Thank you very much for reading my silliness, it gives my family a break. It gives ya'all a break from reading "DOOM & GLOOM." That stuff has made me the man I am and gave me my IDIOSYNCRASIES so I weaned myself off of it, u-know. Klem, a friend of mine, he ain't got none of them idiosyncrasies, he is just crazy from the sixties. Anywho Klem says "start your own Blog." I ask Klem "what the hell am I gonna put on it?" He are a smart one he is, he says "it's your Blog you can put anything you want to on it." U-know I have, and I haven't broken a sweat yet!

I hear Sister Mary is recovering nicely and wants another go at me, we are going to go the best two out of three. The Big Guy said, she could have one of them flimsy yardsticks that will not hurt me. It would have a placebo effect to help her, help me to learn better as Sy says "Proper English." I let Sister Mary know "I have been saying and righting proo-poor Enlish fer ner 60 yers." After seeing those words through a e-mail Sy has been granted another leave of absence from Angeling, apparently too much stress teaching me for the old Gal, after reading those words!!!


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