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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Finally, early April! And what happens in early April boys & girls? Come on you can figure it out. I’ll give you a hint! In January you have cold ass days and cold asser nights! Dreariness makes you feel like going to bed and staying until… until come on you know!!!
                We had springtime thunder boomers all morning long April 9th, then the sky cleared up and the sun popped its beautiful head out and the temperature was in the upper 70’s. What do you do boys and girls on the first really nice early April day? When the daffodils are a blooming and them tulips are a popping up and them Magnolia Trees are magnificent and all other trees and bushes and grass is greening up!
 Aw shit, I was doing just fine until I remembered what happens if the grass starts growing. That temporarily took my beautiful vision away. Sorry, I hope I didn’t rain on your parade. Now, where was I before green grass stopped my vision?
                Unfortunately for you, you see how my brain works! I have to work real hard to keep good thoughts in my noodle and keep negative ones from creeping me out! So help me get back to the mood I was painting for us before that damn grass slipped under my radar. 
Daffodils, tulips, magnificently beautiful magnolia trees, upper 70 degree day, ahhh yes. I can visualize it and feel the warmth of the sunshine as me, and better me, ride around enjoying the late day to its maximus. Something for my belly and a cold one, (coca-cola) man oh man it don’t get any better than this!!! In the bitterly cold of January with snow on the ground my dreams are full of days like this! You know what… it is even better than my dream, uh, huh. No way, you say! You bet-cha, it’s more magnificent than the magnolia trees in full bloom. I wouldn’t lie to ya’ll, it’s true, the first day when it all comes together. The beauty is everywhere as we ride around in the country; ah, the country with the little springtime flowers appearing in the farmer’s fields.
 The canvas reproduces similarly refreshing scenes each and every year, yet they seem more colorful and more breathtaking each spring. Why is that? Seems as you grow older you slow down. You begin to see the simplicity that you once could not see because you chose to speedily drive by, always in a hurry to get somewhere, to be somewhere. We train ourselves at an early age that we must be doing something to enjoy. Therefore we enter the rat race of hell! The proverbial rainbow with the pot of gold could be within our sight; do we see it? Probably not!!! We are talking on cell phones with meaningless chit-chat, driving too fast because we are rushing and filling our minds with meaningless drivel. The rainbow you overlook or do not take the time to see is the pot-o-gold. Why can’t we see that? Why must our most precious youthful years be wasted? We are young, full of ourselves, full of in-maturity, ignorant. Wisdom can only be learned through maturity and sadly many do not make it. The youthful experiencing of life lures me in my old age; however I never saw the beauty of an April day the way I do now. Thank you and may April showers bring you May flowers…  Glen View

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  1. Lovin' the spring weather too my friend!

    ....and yes, it does look like we have some synchronicity going on! ;-)