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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

S-T-R-A-N-G-E-N-E-S-S 4/26/2011

For about four days more or less, I have had an unusual feeling centered deep within. Not happy, not sad, not angry, no hate, no love. A strangeness has overtook my mind and soul! It's as though my soul's light is dimmed, good or bad, I cannot say at this time. Its not an uneasiness, yet an uncomfortable unusual feeling. The last several post have been an exercise somehow that have not come easy, but somehow cast importance for the future, if this makes any sense. I struggle at 3 am in the morn, my mind is stuck in low gear and my body is drugged by unknown drugs or forces. I did not go to work today, I have spent all day sleeping. I could not wake myself up, I had no desire to do so , I merely wish to lie there in a dream induced euphoria! By doing this I hope to regain "ME". WE out there in the universe need to be INDIVIDUALS not CLONES. Uniqueness, ignites our minds our spirits! Do we wish to read all the Blogs of the world and they say the same? I don't think so!!! If we possess nothing else, other than reading the simple thoughts of someone like me or the eloquence of real writers on the inter net, before the "EVIL ENTITIES" find ways to block us regular everyday "PEOPLE OF THE WORLD". "WE", wee ones are, and never have been "THE ENEMY". You simply read the words of the real people from around the globe, HERE ON THE "PEOPLE NET". The true power of the UNIVERSE know that. From the beginning of the "EVIL ONES", they have chained us. How?, by giving us some simplicities of freedom. Letting us buy houses and cars, have children. All the time we thought those of us that are luckier or better off than the rest of the worlds slaves. I grew up thinking, sorry brainwashed into thinking that my country was the epitome of the world. The most recent round of shenanigans by the... the...  POLICE-TICIANS and the out and out thievery of the... the... MONEY-STEALING INSTITUTIONS-OF-AROUND-THE-GLOBE, has sealed the fate of mankind. I grew up in a simple family, loving Christmas, reading Mark Twain, believing in the 10 commandments, trusting Police, Clergy our Government and where has that taken "WE" the backbone of society. WE the ONES that have never questioned, paid our dues by paying taxes, losing lives at the hands of THE POWERS THAT  BE. Yikes, 20 years ago I would laugh at what I think now. This manual/book was written and implemented eons ago by the "EVIL ONES". The "EVI...LLL ENTITIES show no loyalty to any nation, it is about control and domination, they play Chess with "OUR LIVES"!!! I on the other hand question everything today!!! Am I paranoid??? I don't think so!!! If anyone cannot look around and see what's going on with OUR world then you are part of the soon to me extinct animals, that perish everyday. We carry inside all of us remnants of CHERNOBYL. WE ARE AS JOINED TOGETHER AS CERTAINLY AS SIAMESE TWINS YET WE DON'T UNDERSTAND IT!!! Remember president Eisenhower warned us in I believe 1958 "beware of the growing MILITARY COMPLEX". That in itself seems unimaginable for a president to say today!!! All a simple man like me can say is, if someone like myself can open my eyes and see with childlike curiosity and intelligence the designed EVIL UNDERTAKINGS going on. I cringe when supposedly intelligent educated ones argue over Politics. We have two JOE BLOWS running and who is pulling their puppet strings. YEP THE "EVIL ONES".
In my most humble opinion the last "Hope" for America was JFK, Bobby Kennedy & Martin Luther King. I think they were the last real people that still believed in the America. Since then "THE EVIL ONES" have corralled every aspect of the the American way and spread to the rest of the world. "SUPERMAN where are you know"???..... The turning point in my life came after the lowest point in my life. Every night I would drive out into the countryside away from the lights of the big city and view the most amazing spectacle that I had ever seen!!! It truly was a life altering moment, even though I didn't regard it as such at the time..... I tease you for a moment sorry..... The comet Hale-Bopp!!! Nothing has ever had such a profound effect on me. It came at a time of great sadness and hardship in my life, yet gave me a bit of strength in ways still not understood!!!! I felt so small, so unimportant, so meaningless, lest it gave me "HOPE" somehow!!! After the events of 9/11 I'm CONVINCED THAT WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE END!!! "THE EVIL ONES" showed themselves and showed us, the last great hurrah of a country who was running the "Greatest Show on Earth". MONEY/POWER HUNGER MONGERS HEADS POP UP FROM THEIR SNAKE PITS. "WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST AND WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU THE SLAVES OF THE PLANET".... Just look at what perversity has been bestowed on the planet and the countries of the world work together on lies fabricated from the family of a Texas "shit shooting" cowboy!!! Am I being a mite to hard on a rich Texas family? The truth bears the truth!!!! Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and so on and so forth to come. Where does the mighty hand of '"THE EVIL ONES" go next, stay tuned to your evening news it will be treated as just another "REALITY SHOW" interlaced with advertisements of new cars, new meds, panty liners. We have been reduced to game playing air-brained individuals, no I strike individuals from the record, we are not individuals any more we are tax paying brainwashed, TV watching, Movie seeing non-reading, non-thinking bits of goop that we once were millions or billions of years ago. I don't think the PHD's of Science or the Theologians of the Bibles of the planet know. They all believe wherever the money trail leads is what they believe. Who are "THE EVIL ONES", WE are ALL part of "THE EVIL ONES"; however most are unaware, they place yardsigns and vote for their candidate all the time believing in their candidate, their party, their choice. GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!!!  Wake up and smell the manure being spread here and across the globe, ya'all actually think "MONEY" grows on Printing Presses!!! OH MY! I'M SOUNDING LIKE JULIA SUGARBAKER ON A SHOW I USED TO WATCH WITH MY WIFE, AT THE END OF THE SHOW JULIA WOULD SPEAK HER MIND OVER SOME INJUSTICE OR THE OTHER. THAT IS WHY I LOVED HER, MY HOPE IS THAT IT'S NOT TO LATE!!!  

I may have gone overboard, nah, as far as I'm aware we still can speak our mind, at least for a while to come I hope!!! I grow old and am glad, I'm sorry to be pessimistic but barring help from some mighty powerful "EVIL" get rid of ones such as "THE GOOD ONES", like "THE GHOST BUSTERS", were done for!!!!!   WHEW, I'M MIGHTY GLAD TO GET THAT OFF MY HEART!!! Glen View's view.

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