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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We babies, sleep, laugh, cry, poop and pee. Sorry, I forgot throw up. Feed me, pat my back, then I belch and nappy time! I dream about the good ol days. Just the perfect temperature, made you feel snuggly warm and comfortable. My only concern during those days was when something penetrated my Mommie and I was tossed around! Then Oh...Oh...Oh...Ah...Ahh.... Then I would become real relaxed.

My first glimpse of life was my Mommie expelling me. I wake up early for this!!! My head is stuck, I wanna go home! I'm being evicted! Hey, take it easy too much pressure on my little head, squish, plop! I'm cold I wanna go home! I don't like it here, there's something hurting my eyes, (what's eyes?) I don't like it! I get snipped, poked, prodded and washed (I kinda like that!) Then I hear my voice for the first time. "HELLO". I'll do the Waaa-Waaa song as soon as I get enough air, I'll fracture some glasses with that! They place a warm fuzzy hat on my head, ooh feels so good, oh no! I have no hair. Waaah, Waaah, I can't go through life wearing a stocking cap! I'm too young to join a hood! If I could get some shades perhaps I could salvage some respect. Aaah, I'm wrapped in a soft warm blankee, almost as snug as what my Momma used to be.

There's one of them Big Headed Creatures starting to get on my freshly realized nerves. He gets right up in my face, don't you just hate that, smells like coffee and unbrushed teeth. Here I am a brand spanking new baby as snug as a bug in a rug and just had a bath, Euuhh! After Big Head gets done playing ball with me, he sticks things in places I hadn't realized I even had places! He places a terribly cold thing on my fresh new baby skin, front and back! Whew, I bet I'm sweating, that's more work than I've done in nine months.

We, "Wee Ones," know more than them Big Headed "Lu-Lu's think we do. We start getting Baby mail thru the Navelnet at 6 months. We start loading vital Baby Data from our Mommie.

It's been quite a day, I need nourishment, seems a file mentioned sucking for nourishment. One of them ugly Big Headed Bozos, lays me beside my Momma. My mouth's puckering, but my vision is shot! Hello There!!! my mouth found that "suckee thing"!!! After nourishment, I'm slapped on my back. Hey! take it easy, I'm a tiny tot, Buuurp! I lay beside my Mommie and visit Nappy town, where I reminisce of the good ol days.

Being shot out of a cannon was the worst day of my life. As days go by, I get use to the Big Headed Ones, even the one who has sandpaper for a chin. Don't they know how delicate baby skin is! I suppose its "Just Another Day."    

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