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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Big Snow!

I come home tired and ragged, in the early morn of, Christmas Eve. A lifetime of, just thinking, "it's Christmas Eve," somehow sounds, wonderful!!!

My raggedy ass, revives, as I walk through the door of my humble home. I truly mean that, and most certainly, I feel it, 'cause it's 17 degrees, with a stout north wind . . . brrrrr!

For the last two weeks, north of the Ohio River has been, u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e! As I write this 5 inches of rain cause flooding nightmares. Luckily I'm not in one of them! If that was snow, it would be 60 inches.

My Yorkie, would have one hell of a time in that much snow. doing, his business, hey? I suppose I could hold him up high, and tell him "to let 'er fly!"  ( I'm laughing as I type that! )

10 years ago we received 30 inches of snow on Christmas, eve's, eve. Lord have mercy, that's a lot o snow! Yes it is!

I'll just tell that story

.                                                         The Big Snow!

Glen goes to work at  9 p m on a Thursday of 2003, it was Christmas eve's, eve.

The weather service says, "folks a big-un . . . is here, expect 2 to 3 feet of snow."

I'm thinkin' "yeah sure!" I remember back when the big blizzard of 78 hit. Them dumb asses didn't even predict it. I come home from working the dayshift and take a nap.

A couple hours later my wife calls, "come and get me, I'm in the I. G. A. parking lot, I can't go any farther!"

I'm half asleep, I said "huh!?" I look out the window "holy mackerel! I'll be there in a few minutes."

I'm getting a mite off track, imagine that! Over several days we receive about 30 inches of snow with high winds, and un passable snowdrifts. It was a week before I could go to work. Cold like -25, worst ever around these parts in the Midwest. This snow stayed until April. The cold along with more snow, never warmed up enough to melt.

Before I go to work I watch the weather channel, the state police have closed the interstate. Meaning, if your out, they can take you to jail! I was suppose to make a delivery about 60 miles south, it was even worse, there. I'm not going to be able to make that delivery!

I get to work and my boss says, "I need you to make that delivery."

"WHAT!!!" was my answer!

"Have you looked out the door, or heard the latest weather forecast? The state police have closed the interstate! The only other time the interstate was closed was during the blizzard of 78! Are you serious!?"

He said "yes! That delivery has to be made!"

I said "well you're going to have to find someone else, because I'm not risking my life for this delivery!"

That shows to you how smart, people, are! Some workers try to make it home, but have to return, impossible! Several of us are stuck there, a couple days. I spent a lot of time running the snow blower When I went back inside, I looked like a real walking snowman, my beard was covered in ice, from the blowing snow and my breath. Snow was piled high on top of my stocking cap. Quite honestly, I had fun with it. A once in a lifetime kinda thing. The kid inside of me popped out! I still remember that very clearly.

It's 12 hours later, a few people with 4 wheel drive make it to work, it's now Christmas Eve. There was some work that must be done, even with this skeleton crew. Them smart bosses decide . . . "we can do it!" ( Yeah! one of them bosses was one that wanted me to make an impossible run the night before!! ) The big/main boss made it in, and tells me, I was right! (Under no circumstance should I have attempted such a dumb thing!)

After working about 30 hours straight, playing around with that snow blowing S. O. B. from hell and completing the needed production, I go home. The snow plows have been through, and with a load of snow in back of my Ranger, I was at my driveway. I could not get in my driveway. No way, no how! Them big ass snow plows, have plowed so much snow in front of my drive, it was  up to my ass!

I said "the hell with this f@#$ing-shit! I'll crawl, if I have to, the 300 feet to my house!"

'Bout then . . .  a good ol' boy, in a 4 wheel drive Suburban, stops to see if he could help me. It's after 12 midnight Christmas day. I'm stuck in plowed white shit. I can't go any where, but at least, I'm close to home!

He says "I'll pull you out, and plow your drive."

My inner thoughts at that moment, I can still recall . . ."Hallelujah . . . hallelujah . . . hallelujah!!!"

I did not ask the price. It was one of them times in your lifetime it did not seem . . . relevant!

He said, "my boy's in that 4 wheel Dodge truck behind me, I'll have him hook a chain to your pickup and pull you out. You get in here with me and show me where to grade."

DAMN! That be the toastiest, warmest, Suburban, I ever . . . sit my tired ol' ass in!

About a half hour later, I'm sitting beside my garage, just 30 feet from my house. I'm almost home!

I say, "how much do I owe you?"

He says, "$100.00,  I look inside my billfold, I have $80.00.

I told him, "I'll go inside and write you a check."

"Nah, that's good enough."

I trudge the thirty feet thinkin,"Damn, I wish I had that snow blower!?

A gigantic snow drift was midway up the door, no shovel, er nothin' around.

I began clearing snow with my boots and finally the door was free!

I get inside and there be the prettiest sight, I ever did see. My wife and puppies all toasty and snug in my humble home.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!!

I sit down in my lazy boy. DAMN! "THERE AIN'T NO PLACE LIKE HOME!"

Dorothy's words rang clear! (You know from the Wizard of Oz! )

I look out the window on Christmas morn. Have Mercy!!! Snow up high on my door!

Then I remember, that snow throwing monster sitting, inside at work, all cozy like! I live 2 miles away and since I made it home last night, and have the drive dug out, why not? The dog can't even go outside! He'll get lost in a drift and I'll not find him till spring! Well, I did what any smart man would do I drove over and loaded that snow throwing S . O. B. and had a very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Great story Glen, thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, it was one of them memorable times, you'll never forget.