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Friday, December 6, 2013

Does mg, stand for mighty good?

The weather here in my home state has been topsy-turvy, the last couple weeks. At 3 a m yesterday morning it was 65 degrees, it's now 28, just before Thanksgiving it was about 16 one night. It's going to be, brrr again an artic blast is blasting away at us at this very moment. ice changing over to snow as I get of work. Don't like it, no how!!! (Actually that's not true! I love to watch it snowing, whilst I wile away the hours, in my easy chair. ( Not sure where that last line came from? ) Looks like single digits in a few days. The early forecast I just checked on my Hewie Picardo, showed 2 degrees. ( Hewie Picardo is what I call my computer. Sometimes I call it much worse names! ) You know what I say to 2 degrees? BRRRRR!!!!!


 Didn't do nothin', over the past weekend. Me old back is still sore from the one helluva a night's work I did about 10 days ago. I be too f???ing old, to work like that anymore. My mind says, "you . . . can . . . do . . . it!!!"  ( My mind's still willing, but damn it gets rougher and rougher! )   

Two days after that dreadful night, I'm getting up from my chair been watching football, my back creaking, says," damn your're old, old man!"

Me and Ah Clem used to call each other "old man," as we both take a handful of advil, as we start  work. You know them little pills do help for a short time!

I lie in bed Friday night, tryin' to get some rest, every joint in my body was hurtin', bad . . . even me finger joints, yep, I kid you not! When I finally drifted off into a slumber, resembling the last slumber, I slept for 12 hours, man oh man, no dreams, nor nothin'. Trouble was it took me till noon a sittin' corpse like in my lazy boy chair, before I could go to bed.

It be hell . . . getting old, but then I think of the consequences! Glen Bob not-ta ready to go there yet.

People that have seen the light, of the great beyond say, "it's so beautiful." Be my luck on the other side of the light, be . . .  what I go through now, only more of the same-o, same-o, and there'd be Sam-o, the boss from hell!


Okay . . . I just a don't get these energy drinks!!! I can bet a buzz on regular sugary drinks with caffeine. Twelve ounces are from 35 to 50 mg's. ( Does mg's stand for mighty good? ) I look on the of can of an energy drink, it has 140 mg's of caffeine. The name was Jolt, Charge Me, Let's bring him, back with the paddles! Something like that. ( Hell I can't remember! )

Let ol' Glen tell a little, true story about a man, 'bout 40 years of age, I used to work with. I'll call him, "Lightning. ) He were tall and skinny. I 've heard these skinny a ones referred to as "Slim Jim's. ( Think about it! )

      This here ol' boy was a worker, yes he was! Trouble was though, he were a talker too! He would come to work drinking a can of Jolt. No big deal there right? Right, but he'd bring 3 more cans of that Devil brew, with him. He would start off the shift fine. Every break he would drink one of them lightning bolts from hell. You'd see his talkin', getting', different! He would voice his opinion more, and much stronger. His personality changed. Thinkin' somethin' and sayin' somethin' be two different things, you know! We all think things . . . we don't, say them things to others, especially bosses. do we?  This ol' boy would say things to me, usin', that F word, shite, it be no big deal. That be common vocabulary in factories The worst offender of that F word was a woman I used to work with, actually I was her boss at that time. Her favorite sayin' was "here's a quarter go tell some one that gives a F@#$." Yeah . . . she told that to everybody!!! It was just her and used jokingly.

      Okay back to Lightning. He becometh  too f---ing  vocal after several cans of caffeine in a can. At breaks he would go out walking around in the parking lot, yep! ( Does that tell you somethin' )

There's women working around him and some did not like it. No problem, he shouldn't be sayin' some of the stuff he were sayin' anyway. He went too far a couple times to a boss. This boss told her boss, and that boss and Lightning had it out in front of me one night, yeah . . . they did. Trouble was, what Lightning were a sayin', weren't, all wrong, it was the tone of voice, and how he went about it! I stay betwixt them as she and Lightning walk towards the door, after she fired him. He were outta control. but he was not going to hit her as long as I was there!

I work with a new person now, I reckon he's kinda my boss. We get along fine. He a workin' S, O, B.  he'll work long days with only a couple smoke breaks, he's always busy. He has showed me a couple times this capsule he takes, calls it, "his dinner." I never thought much about it until I seen a package of these little pills, 4 of them, called stacker fat burner somethin' urr, the other. I look on the back and the main ingredient was caffeine, Yep! Guess how many mg's were in one of them capsules??? 250 of them! Cowa-bonga-dudes, and dudettes!!!

If I was to take one of them, me heart would jump outta me chest. It would be the death of me for sure. I reckon I knew about these caffeine pills because I have seen them by the cash register at convenient stores. I never read the back.


I suppose, I've wandered on enough for one night! Thanks for reading the last thoughts on my mind before I go to bed. Glen

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