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Thursday, March 28, 2013

You Know What I Mean, Don't You?

Many things have been happening, haven't had the time to work on Crime And Punishment, but I'll get there. Construction going on at my house and since I work nights and sleep days, well sleep is hard to get.

I will work day shift starting April 8. I have been on nights for 10 years, my how time flys.

Looking forward to getting back on a set schedule, I have being in limbo for several months.

Nothing really to really write about, I'll just play around and see where this rambling takes me.

As I typed the month April, warm fuzzies came over me. Flowers, trees budding, warm weather, rejuvenation. Ah, I'm ready for some rejuvenation, if you know what I mean!

I've said this before, but am going to say it again. "I absolutely love when you are working and get in a zone breaking sweat and the old body feels that adrenal cave man rush." I'm not exactly sure what is happening in the body but that natural high is still fricking goood, even in my later years. After being sick for awhile and mentally down, DAMN IT FELT GOOD, I'LL REPEAT THAT,   ""DAMN IT FELT GOOD!"" You know I work for me, to please me! Yes the paycheck is the reward but, if I have to work till the day I die, I choose to do so for me. Does that make any sense? I work and always do my best, be it digging a hole to plant flowers, to washing windows, to working for the man!

We cannot be good at everything, but we can try our damn-ness.

Peace of mind in my opinion, comes from being true to one-self. It don't come easy and unfortunately sometimes becomes a battlefield of emotions.

At least the full spectrum of emotions are felt. To not feel would be like a robot, seems somewhat attractive when your really down.

There ain't nothing better than a good laugh, the first smell of spring flowers. A warm embrace, a late night summertime breeze while gazing at a full moon. The feel of your favorite chair as you come home after work and sit you tired ass where, your ass has been a thousand times, customizing your buttocks into that personalized leather Lazy-boy, to your exact specifications, ahhh!     YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, VERN!!!     DON'T YOU????    I KNOW . . . YOU DO!   AIN'T IT GREAT?   """SOMETIMES"""

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