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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Entitlement And The Entity!

It's late, I'm tired but I sure do like putting a few words down before I go to sleep. It has become a habit, a fun satisfying way to slumber into dreamland. Wow, I go to bed brain dead, worry free and sleep like an old hound dog on a hot summer's day lying under his favorite shade tree. Um, um, um, baby it don't a get no better than that!

Some of ya out there may be wondering what kind a fella talks like that? Well welcome to Glen's neighborhood. Ya see I do not try to be anything other than what I am! ME! I be a common working person, that works, pays taxes, bills, and don't cause any trouble. Just like the vast majority of my friends out there and I do mean friends!

I have read off and on for years now about Social Security and the word entitlement comes out inevitably from these . . .  fine, upstanding, idiotic, elected officials . . . well now this was not my first choice of words. My first choice was this #@#$%^&*crazy*&^%$#-assholes-#$%^%$#@#$%^!!!
But I wasn't sure you would understand my writing, then I got to thinkin, yep you do, and you can fill in your own description of your fine????????? highly educated leaders.

For any of my new friends out there around the globe, one of my favoriteiest (I also make up my own words as I feel like it, so do not worry about misspelling or properness in grammar, because here old Glen does it his way ya see!) thing to do, a game to me, is playing with words, so todays word boys and girls is entitlement, let me see if I can go where no man has gone before with this here word, yee-haw!

ENTITLE, to give a title or name. To honor or dignify by a title. To give a right or legal title to; qualify (a person) to something.

ENTITLEMENT, the condition or state of being entitled. Something to which a person is entitled; specifically any of the various benefits provided to qualifying persons under certain government programs.

Look at certain key words in this definition, condition, state, specifically, various, GOVERNMENT.
Were f@#$ed ain't we, boys and girls? Big brother done went and messed it up ain't they?

I like to go one word above and below my targeted word. So below is entity. I love it already!

ENTITY, being; existence. A thing that has that has definite, individual existence outside or within the mind; anything real in itself.  

I just bet ya can pert near read my mind on this one!

Big Brother can give all our $$$'s to these poor businesses and say "their to big to fail." Butt we Entitler's that have paid in our whole lifetime, not given but paid and paid and paid. The way old Glen understands it there are I O U'S instead of money in the bank for all us one's who have paid in for our entitlements.

Entitlements, smittlements, predicaments, I say. It be my money I have worked hard for all my life and no crazy ass Entity better take my money from me! You stir up a hornet's nest and you gonna get stung. So you crazy ass Entities better not mess with our entitlements or baby there gonna be a bunch of old angry entitlementest pissed off!


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  1. I hate to say it, but they have already messed with things so badly that there is nothing left to mess with. But hey, they are magicians who print money out of thin air, so they will just print ya up some more and hand it to you, but it won't be worth diddly squat........ uh, I better not get on my soap box this early in the morning, I might never shut up!!