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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bamboozle and Why When You Win, You Lose?

I have been bamboozled over the last few months. What?!?!

BAMBOOZLE, to deceive or cheat by trickery; dupe, to confuse or puzzle.So few words that say so much.

   I would like to tell y'all a little story about a man named Ed. A poor old man fighting for survival in the times gone mad. Ain't that just so bad? Ed remembers a day when a man's word was as good as gold. Ed's lost in a fairy tale world, please play along with this poor, but pure soul.

   Ah Ed says "communication has been thrown away into the abyss of too much communication, like a dump full o trash, where words mean nothing."

   Damn  . . . that Ed seems to have gone off the deep edge! Ed "please explain in a mite more detail please?"

   COMMUNICATION, simply, an exchanging of information. DAMN, that be simple, right? Key words here, "exchanging and information." Stay with me now, because "I feel the power of words and my spirit about to come out, I am gonna testify to y'all, yes I am! Hallelujah!"

   EXCHANGING, to give or to receive. Amen!

   To make an exchange; barter, trade. "Uh-huh, lordy I lika this word, let's keep it going, the fire is getting hot!"
   A giving or taking of one thing for another. "Ohh my, my oh my! I feel it boys and girls!"

   The substituting of one thing for another. "Whow-wee, turn the air-conditioning down I'mma feeling hot!"

   INFORMATION, an informing or being informed; a telling or being told of something,   ("DAMN! A TALKIN MY LANGUAGE HERE!")


   INFORMATION THEORY, the study of process of communication (Most interesting word ain't it?) and the transmission of messages; specifically, the study of information content of messages and of the probabilistic   (What a word hey? Means, based on, or involving probability. "Damn my screens a smoking tonight, I'm on fire! I's hope, I don't spontaneously combust, I want to finish this post!)   measurement of signal recognition in the presence of INTERFERENCE, NOISE, DISTORTION, ETC.


   Four months ago Ed was asked to take on a job using his accumulated specialities. Wellll one thing leads to the next and old Ed is using some of his accumulated specialties but not the other ya see. well while Ed is being mighty patient, somebody snuck in the back door and stole his other specialty. Welll Ed can't take it no more, his patience was nil and void. Seems he must fight for what was already given, apparently this communication became mis-communication in the leadership arena. Well now Ed has had enough, do he fight for what was promised or keep his mouth shut? Promises were made many months before. To get what once was freely given, is it worth the fight, "It be the principle of the thing when words were given by superiors then they become, inferiors! Yep yer right! Ed communicates via the new technology of today. His spoken words were going unheard. He used them written words to see if the computer is mightier than the spoken word. He be heard loud and clear now, ya see!

   Well now after four months a meeting happens to all concerned, several against Ed. A David and Goliath thing ya see. Words were spoken Ed was heard loud and clear the job once again is his, as was once promised four months earlier.

   Does happiness prevail? To Ed the fight, one that should never had to be fought. Communication run amuck an out of control freight train making, no stops building steam with no brakes.

   Why does the win not feel like a win? Much was lost fighting for what once would of been a sweet lovely job for Ed. Ed has suffered much and at his age fights is not what he wants. Hollow victories are too fucking hollow!

   Ed is tired and wishes to ride his tired old horse into the yet far away sunset, unspooked.

  WHY IS IT THAT WE THE REAL EVERYDAY PEOPLE ARE THE MINORITIES. All minorities except we, the average of the average, the common of the commoners, the backbone of the world . . . Well I reckon we're on our way out. We're like the workhorse that continually must strive to prove themselves day in and day out, while the cute, the challenged, the princesses, princes, the cream of the minorities are given a free ride. I'd like to give you a free ride " to the moon!"


  1. Mr Ed thinks a lot like me it seems. The art of communication is a dead art for sure. Isn't it sad that the spoken word is not spoken anymore? If it is not written in a text message or an email or something electronic,no one listens....That there are people in this world who and far too many of them whose word is not worth a pile of dog crap? That a promise given is broken before a person walks out the door.......

    The world is not the way it used to be when you and I were coming up dear Glen.

    I am glad Mr Ed finally prevailed, but at what cost? Why should he have had to fight for what was his?? for what was promised?? Because of the one's whose word means nothing, and these days that is about 95% of the people .......

    OK , I said OK because silly me just now went to PMS2 and realized I had gotten replies !! Thank you .

    Big hugs to you my friend and get some more rest and just try to take this life one day at a time and enjoy the things that are still good.

  2. I'm too old for this crazy shit! Thanks as always for the comment. Glen