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Sunday, March 10, 2013


I was in an extremely distressed mood the other night writing the post T-I-R-E-D. I suppose the tone was evident! It has been building to a crescendo for many months. I've tried to be objective. I could not the other night. I allowed somewhere from deep within to speak.  I merely turned the computer on and within a few minutes, from the depth of my soul. That's not a bad thing is it? Why do I even ask of course not!

I decided to give patience to something going on at work. "PATIENCE SUCKS!" My new found spirituality was eating me up inside! Well, while patience was being used, germs invade my body, as once more like last October. Please no awe's for me, just another day in my life.



This week a old fashion one room school house was demolished on the route I drive by every day, even though it was sound, a new metal roof was added only a few years. A magnificent structure build in 1886. Back then they were proud of their accomplishments, that was their autographed! Up high under the roof for all to see.

What will it be replaced with a modern structure of sheet metal, iron beams and glass. Oh yeah the modern way. The coveted home will be replaced with a plain white factory and asphalt parking lot.
It was pure country when I moved here, a long time ago.

Don't get me wrong here I'm all for job creation, yes sir!!! That leads me to my other point which I'll now lead into.

I made drastic changes in my life about four months ago. I was at that time perfectly content to ride into my last round-up doing what I had been doing. I was in a rut, BUT! The best rut of my entire on again, off again peaks and valleys of Glen's world! WHY? Well thanks to a miracle! Quite frankly! That's the only words that seem to fit. This hobby of mine what you're currently reading began relatively recent in my life. Never wanted to write, didn't know how to type, computer illiterate, you see! Well maybe you don't see but please try.

You find yourself at a crossroad, do you shrivel up and blow away, OR, find a new taste of existence to give pleasure in your free time. Well, somehow, some way, I found strength. THE KIND OF STRENGTH I NEVER NEW EXISTED!! Sure I've seen others find that inner strength, but never ME!

Easy? No way Jose! I remember a television movie based on a true story of a man born with cerebral palsy, yet achieved some miraculous results. His mother always told him, patience, persistence and perseverance. Mighty powerful words huh? It was about a Fuller Brush salesman. "Door to Door" the story of Bill Porter, played my a fabulous actor William Macy. You won't see old Glen giving the thumbs up for many movies! I will this one.

Patience, persistence and perseverance ain't all it's cracked up to be if you're promised a job four months ago and that bargain is not fulfilled. The only course of action is to butt heads so to speak to demand what's yours. Apparently action is required!To be penalized for being patience is not a reward is it?

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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this.....I have been worried and I have no way to ask you privately what was wrong. I hate to assume anything because when I assume, I usually get it wrong. It is a shame about the old schoolhouse..... That happens so often , the places which are old, solid and filled with character are demolished as if they never meant a thing and they are replaced by superficial buildings , the same old crap you see in everytown America till we are at the point there is no way to tell one town from the next ...... I think to be honest there is an agenda to this. But that of course would take a whole other blog to explain.

    I understand why you are pissed about the job , what was promised to you. Just another instance where a man's word means nothing anymore. Words are spoken and dished out like dirt to be forgotten.

    I really hope and pray you get what should be yours.

    Free Huggssss