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Friday, March 22, 2013

I Think.

I have watched more T V the last few days than I have in, a very long time.

Why? Very good question, I'm glad you ask.

I needed, an outlet, to nil and void my life, for a spell.

What did I received from staring into a three inch thick screen of colors?

Did I laugh, did I cry, did I cherish, did I ENJOY?

What did I expect to accomplish?

I seem to be stumped, on that question.

I was comfortable and warm sitting on the sofa with a blanket over me and a dog on my lap.

Huum . . . that has a home-felt glow about it?

The remote was beside me, the urge to communicate in the age of communication grew, until I brought the big screen to life.

Deep, bold, colors, no voice mind ya, "I like my peace, quiet, you see."

The waves of the ocean on the white sandy beaches, wooow!

Aerial shot from high above mother earth gave me goose-bumps!

Mother elephant with new-born brought tears to my eyes!

The dazzling, muted, big screen with no hearing aids in, a dog on my lap, warm fuzzies filled me, WHY?

To think not! Living, only, for that moment is . . . unnatural to me.

"I think! Therefore I am!"

I've heard and read those words a thousand times.

I used to go WHAT?

What has changed?

Those of you that ride along with me in my questionable, quest to finish Crime And Punishment will understand.

The words jump off the pages my heart and soul, the more I read, the more I understand, the more I love.

For to rush through, to not see, to not feel.

Well how do I explain?

To watch T V, to hear and see everything that is bomb-blasted into your already overloaded mind is not living to me.

Feeling the words jump from the pages, the colors of a rainbow, even on a big screen are there. If we approach from the right cozy, comfortable, dog sitting on your lap kind a way.

I hope you see what I'm saying! I THINK . . .  I KNOW . . .  YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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