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Saturday, March 9, 2013


I've been too tired the several days to write. Not from the physical tiredness one would naturally assume. I tire of fighting for what's mine. Seems easier to give up, become just another, another! Be in the same stuck groove forever like an old vinyl record. Around and around, in the same tiny groove. Easier for all included right? In the scheme of life does it matter. Just another brick in the wall, until the millions of bricks are bulldozed for a new modern monstrosity made of glass. Glass is so cold! Glass allows one to see everything, yet feel nothing, carries no warmth, shows no color, nothing, blank, no substance, easy to shatter, meaningless. How many buildings being built today are see through. You see in, but nothing's worth being seen. No heart, no soul, to be razed in twenty-five years to be rebuilt with another of the same.

Why re-do . . . re-do . . . and forever to build again with the same results expecting a different outcome. I'll tell you why! There's no foundation. It takes a solid foundation, time preparing the base, with the right cement. Cement is simple in design yet forms amazing staying strength. You build the proper base, no horse shit-bindings, real sand, real pebbles to withstand the load. Add water baby the building block of life itself. Let cure, it cures forever, growing stronger.

Humm! Sand, aggregates, water, from mother earth. Ah but, sand and heat makes glass right. Presto magic, cheap, yep!

There is limestone that made many a fine marvelous buildings still around after a century. Also brick buildings still solid. How so? Substance, real substance.

The tooth pick homes mass produced today are like the people living in them. Shallow no substance, void of anything lasting.

Artificial people for the modern artificial world. Seems appropriate somehow. I'm T-I-R-E-D of fighting for what's mine. I'm too fucking old, my foundation crumbles every fricking day, from seeing the glass structures here to replace me . . . even as I'm still a standing!!!!! 

There's meaning in here somewhere, I'm too old, too tired, to figure it out, goodnight!

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  1. Maybe you have been too tired to write, but these last two posts have been a couple of the best things (outside of your stories) that you have written.

    I think I see some lessons here in this post, but let me think on it for awhile.