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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Late Night Thoughts

Don't know whatever gave me this idea to do what I'm doing with Crime And Punishment. It's so much harder than sitting down and pecking out a little somethun, somethun!  Perhaps the Big Guys on the moon or even higher said, "we best give this poor man something to sink his soul into. Yep, them Big Ghost Writers in the sky are sending me help. How else would you explain it? I cannot. It befuddles my mind to think that I'm attempting such a quest. And where in the cosmos did this idea come from? I sure as hell never thought of it.

Perhaps old Mark Twain is looking down as he rides the comet around the galaxy, thinking, "damn send  that boy some help! He needs a whole lot of help!" That's funny and gives me goose bumps thinking like that. Without imagination I don't know where I'd BE! Well that's not true I'd be six feet under!

 We must have a escape place where we can lose ourselves for awhile don't we? Hallelujah to that, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors.

I'm  chugging away just like the little train that said, "I think I can, I think I can." Whatever happened to that little train anyhow? I remember seeing that on the Captain Kangaroo show half a century ago.

"That little train grew up and rusted away in a scrap yard!" said Thomas.

Oh God that's not a pretty picture is it?"

I suppose if one don't die, keeps chugging away, maybe, just maybe, somethun good will come along.

Well maybe, just maybe, this is meant to be, meant to give me stick-to-it-ive-ness. Why question why, huh?

We must have a way to release the rigormortis of the mind that's so apparent.

Ones cannot go two hours between breaks to risk losing their jobs to peek at a small screen to see what their Bro's or girl friend have to say. Information overload of nothingness, so pathetic that in my opinion the minds have been permanently pruned.

Wow that sounds an awful lot like the spay and neuter program for animals don't it?

Yep prune them minds away so all we'll have are ???


  1. A big empty hole in the head??

    I have had a bad week, that damned dark cloud threatened to wrap around me and steal my soul, but I am fine now .

    I am glad you have kept going you little train, and you CAN keep going you know. You have done a fantastic job on C&P , as well as all of your writing lately.

    You must have gotten a second dose of inspiration :-)

    Keep going my friend, you will reach the top .


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