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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


          I seem to be stuck in a slump recently. My mind is in a dark zone. I'm trying to break free by writing. I prefer writing humor, but gosh darn it, life is not always funny.

          I love when I am in a good mood, life and writing fulfills me. ( It's also much better for my heart ).

          When I lean to the dark side my mind develops cobwebs. I do not like it when spiders are building cobwebs it tends to short circuit my synapses.

"What the hell is a synapse" ask Joe Pesky. You have been around too many of them damn shrinks, they have been @#$&ing with your mind" Joe further adds.

"Actually I'm not sure, it has something to do with the brain functioning properly and old Glen needs his brain functioning as proper as it can get" I reply.

          There hasn't been a spider man movie in awhile quite possibly he is taking an hiatus inside my head. He's probably feels right at home with the characters that homestead my unused space.

          When my mind goes dark the most trivial events seem to grow roots. I have a tendency to over-react to simple emotions, they seem to grow as I continually rehash them growing until I am able to cast them devils out. My mind goes into alert mode and I find myself regressing to childhood insecurity. No matter how old you are unwanted flashbacks seem to always win. The dark side prevails.

"In other words my boy you are screwed up" says the old ####er himself Fartman.

"Alright I'm screwed up enough without all you dum-asses upstairs adding your two cents worth" I reply.

"Oh my God I'm talking to myself about myself and letting all my voices upstairs get to me. I must need more help than I thought" I answer to myself. Maybe the drug traffickers, I mean drug manufacturers have a new drug on the horizon they might let me sample that will give me more problems than I already have. I could use some new characters in my repertoire.

          Stress and illness move me to the dark side. It is during these times I do not remember my dreams. I love remembering my dreams because they are usually enlightening and intense and almost always good. They appear to positively charge my mental batteries and Glen needs all his batteries at maximum strength.

          About a month ago I was having a breathtaking dream and I was flying. I would leap into the air and sprout wings. I could hear them flapping as I soared effortlessly to any height. I ride the wind, it was absolutely amazing and I wake up with the same feeling. ( It does not get any better than the euphoric feeling I had ).      THANK YOU FOR TUNING INTO GLEN VIEW.


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