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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The gloom of the nighttime darkness stretches into the daytime light. The sunshine cannot penetrate the invincible shadow of gloom. An ever present shadow inside. No precious vitamins to soothe my soul. Why does darkness prevail? I despise the darkness of winter, I wish to inhale the sweetness of flowers, the smell of newly mowed grass, the gentle wind spreading warmth over my body and into my waiting spirit. The tide of another spring with birds chirping their delight of fresh worms from the rejuvenating spring rain. The trees opening up their beautiful budding limbs stretching to the enjoyment of springtime.

If only I was a bear waking up after a long winters nap. The winters nap is to protect me from the gloom of winter. Sleep through the cold north westerly wind and snow to awake at the proper time. Yes in my next life I wish to be a bear.  

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  1. Nice sentiment.....I' always a bear though ;-)