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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have always been an observer. To this day I believe I can learn more about someone through observation than listening to them. (Well I’m hard of hearing and that might account some for the not completely listening to them) Ha, ha! (Sorry the devil made me write that). I believe this served me well when I was a supervisor.
                As a young boy I observed my grandfather’s hobby of gardening. This was his way of relaxing; one with the earth. My grandfather raised a big garden and sold his produce I would go door to door in my neighborhood selling. He gave me a nickel for every quarter I sold. I developed regular yearly customers. I also mowed their grass and shoveled their walks during snow, (Quite a little entrepreneur at age of 12).
                My grandfather and I were very close. His large garden was just one house away from where we lived, so every evening and Saturdays in the spring and summer we would be at the garden or just sitting on the back of his big old Buick. I am named after him and share his fate of hearing loss. I like him enjoy simple pleasures.
                I’m sorry it was my intent to write something funny per the title but I have found myself reminiscing and turned serious.
                Back to my original point, what the hell was it. You know as you age you lose brain cells and I ain’t never had enough to begin with and I just found out I am anemic so them little red blood cell critters ain’t getting enough oxygen. Shit I betcha that has been the problem all my life and it has taken them there Doctors 59 years to figure it out. Whew wee, ain’t they smart. The best part old Glen Bob View dude don’t just have one of them there anemic thing-a-ma-bobs he has two of them critters. How so you ask. Well since I heard you ask I am-ma gon-na tell ya. (By the way don’t worry about my slang and misspelled words, I am such a bad typist/speller, I always have red underlines in my writings. Any how I have a chronic anemia and iron deficient anemia. You reckon if I take two enemas and call my Doctor in the morning I will be better. (SORRY MY ATTEMPT AT AN OFF COLOR JOKE). Well you might not find it funny but I did!
                Again I have forgotten my point oh well it doesn’t matter with my writing. Observation has made me the individual I am and has been a double edged sword. Although it served me well in my management years in picking up on a lot of things that go unnoticed. I would use my little observations to help train and separate the men from the boys and so to be politically correct to separate the women from the girls.

“You bet your lard ass you better include us females. You men wouldn’t be worth the Kleenex to clear your brains out without us women.” That irritating inner voice would be Suzy Smart Assy. You can always count on Suzy to give more than her two cents worth.
“Okay! Okay! Okay, you are allowing yourself to be sidetracked once more, whats-a-matter you feeling a turd moving through your lower intestine”. That would be Joe Pesky sounding off inside my head.
             Damn just when I thought I was going to catch that pesky little misfit in my head sleeping, so I could write one damn story without his peskified annoying okay, okay, okay . But nooo! It, ain’t a-gonna happen. I betcha Suzy and him are in cahoots to take over my brain. There is not going to be a “mutiny in my body”. (Sounds a bit like Mutiny on the Bounty, don’t it).
Keen observation helped me in management; it encumbers me in my old age. I wish that I could block out the incompetence that is visible in my every day environment, it only raises my blood pressure. That’s why I have a large Aorta I bet-cha.  Any-who! What makes you who you are also can break you unfortunately. It’s awfully hard to break old habits. When you are taught one way that works it is hard to look the other way. Must I become like ones I disapprove of to survive; I will try.


  1. Cheers Mr. Glen, keep 'em comming ;-)

  2. I'm trying to are making it tough(grin)...