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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Why must I feel sad with life? Why must I wake up blue? My first thoughts, just another day! While dreaming I ride the currents of the winds and soar to new heights. I'm free, I ride tall, never fearing, never failing. My problems, the earth itself, looks so different, so small. Sailing high above the clouds, I wish to remain forever, to never fail, to never fall, high above all.  

I wake up each morn only to to feel sadness creeping into my heart, permeating into my very soul. Sad as another day begins, another day of heartaches another day of pain. As I get upset and lose pieces of my life, at my own expense. Why was I born, to live life this way? I feel animosity that gives way to compassion; however no matter how short a time the animosity exists my life shortens a wee bit! Why lose a bit of life this way! It is the uncaring attitudes and emotions that place shackles around my very soul and arrows through my heart, that hurt me so!

I'd rather not sense others pain, why me, why can't I refain? I tire of playing life's painful game. The game resets itself over and over again, what do I gain? My gain is one shovel deeper to my own demise.

Seems salvation comes near the last chapter of my life, possibly extending an old man's time here on earth, now thankfully! A new passion of life no matter how late, would be a passion too late, if I could not  appreciate. Not so, as an old man tries to capture life to be put into words, a new beginning with a new ending. My goal as I feel reborn, with passion toward the end of life, to breathe in new air, at given a chance of expression never conceived of before. To write my dream of dreams to share with you. My dream is to dream of life as I wish it could only be sooo!!!

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  1. Keep writing your dreams my friend, and bask in the warmth of your salvation!