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Saturday, February 19, 2011


          We the "Wonderers" of the world! Yes! Us the ones that wonder about everything. As of this moment I am wondering if all the Social Security taxes I have paid in will be of any value to me. I have paid my share for over 40 years of working faithfully and never questioning that this money was serving a respectable purpose for the elderly and the disabled individuals that deserved my help via my money. I am know wondering a lot. Maybe it's just age getting to me, since I'm not as physically fit and able to do the things I once took for granted. Perhaps I have too much time to think since I do not find the television entertaining and all news seems controlled by T. P. T. B. The moving acceptance speech of President O'bama gave way to the reality of the worlds insurmountable problems.
          As I become handicapped from too many changing seasons. "MY" money, the unbelievable amount of $'s, I have invested from a lifetime of blood, sweat and painful tears. We the baby boomers that have financed the world with are hard earned dollars and loyalty measured in wars with arms, legs, lives. We have paid and paid.
          We grew up patriotic with instilled values as we're taught about our founding fathers.Work hard, do the right thing. We did do, what we thought was the right thing. Where has it got us! We naively believed the system wasn't broke as we prospered.
          Somewhere along the line the average hard working raise our family live and let live mentality was sucker punched by every minority group that begin controlling us the working class men and women. (Seems the tail began wagging the dog). We, that have always been the backbone of society the very seeds of life have been screwed our rights no longer matter!!!
          We have financed every minority group into the new norm of today. "ILLEGAL" aliens have more rights than a hard working family man and woman. Sheesh! makes my skin crawl. My latest and current outrage is develpomental disadvantaged, now what is the correct wording for wackos, imbeciles, today oh yeah challenged. Shit! we the average pillars of society have been challended our whole life. So now we must stand aside and let the new generation of genetically dummied down nincapoops take our jobs.
          What frost my balls is the government giving handouts (our fricking money) to companies to hire the challenged. There was no handouts given to the wonders (the men and women that made it possible) for the challenged, whatevers of today!!!        

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