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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


There is a place, I can always go.

When the world knocks me down!

I hear the count, I tell myself "stay down, stay down!"

Old age always, chips away, at the body, the mind, not sculpting a masterpiece, rather, destroying the beautiful, youthful body and imagination we once possessed.

Such shame I cannot deposit a fraction of youthfulness, to be withdrawn, when spiraling towards oblivion!

Frays of the never ending daily demands, destroy, one day at a time.

I must . . . hold my head high, though worn, frazzled looking down and out.

What be my answer, wish for  more . . .  of this staying around?

Not too long ago I was ready, the future looked bleaker every (expletive) night!

Then a miracle I say happened, not in a night, through many, many, moons.

The several year completion of my first story, a true midnight dream, titled appropriately "The Flame" a battle of will, never known surfaces. "Please stick around till the last sundown!"

What you read most days has been a five year battle of survival, although it doesn't seem like much to some, I'm sure! Believe me when I say "It has been a monumental challenge to one who has never typed, never understood the complexity of the "English Properness" as I call it! "I am ME and wish to be none other! I shall think, and write my way!

I've said it once I'll say it again "If not for this new hobby of putting my thoughts to words, I'd stay down, nary a reason it seems most times to get up. Like paddling against an ever increasing current, USELESS!     Glen

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  1. Whenever you see that darkness approaching, whenever the weight of life is crushing you, whenever age seems to be taking it's toll on you come here, to your sanctuary. Your own little oasis away from everything.
    Come here dear Glen, and CREATE your world, a world where all is well.

    You have always been an inspiration to me.