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Thursday, February 21, 2013


I'm going to ask myself a question.

Please remember, I'll play myself, and I, or myself, and me, or.. any way, I'll ask myself, you see, or I hope I haven't confused you, you see! Dag nap it I, already forgot what the question was I was going to ask me!

Sheesh . . . Ain't easy being me, you see! How about I trade somebody out there brains, fer a spell? No! No! No! That there ain't the question I was going to ask me, myself and, oops, I. This be what I calls warming up, yeeaah . . . Ya don't think with a mind like mine, I can just sit down at the keyboard and punch up somethun coherent do ya? That be a mighty fine word, coherent. I would look it up, but me, myself and I, might get a confused whilst, I warm up my fingers and especially me brain!

FLASH!!! MIND ALERT!!! Keyboard??? Maybe??? Just maybe?, I was suppose to get a "key" with this keyboard? Ya reckon? That has been my trouble, nye onto, over two years plus, give er take, a spell! The more I reread this paragraph the more it makes sense, TO ME!

KEY, a thing that explains or solves something else. Huum... maybe old Glenno overlooked the most important part! Nah, not me! What would the key be to this dang keyboard, that could, would, should, make things more coherent? (There's that word again!)

What would explain, or solve something else? Dad burn it! I'm all thunk out! Nah . . . just fooling with ya!

You need a key to start yerrr, yerrr, yerrr, kinda sounds like a car at zero degrees, don't it? You need a key to get into your house. Yep, I'm definitely onto somethun . . . sooon . . . it will be obvious to me, and hopefully lead to somethun coherent! (Well I'll be damn, there be that word again!) ((Somethun . . . gonna take, on that one watt wick of mine, (That be kinda cute, if I don't say so, me, myself, and I.) then, maybe, just maybe, that flame will take, and then you know what may happen? Think light bulbs, neon signs flashing!)) (((Ya see, how I ramble! Even in my thoughts, within thoughts! Yikes! I be the most, un, or is it, in-coherent?)))

COHERENT = (I like that there plus sign and never use it.) I see here, I be in deep do-do! (Slang for manure. You thought I was gonna say shit didn't you? Well shite! I reckon I did! Didn't I! Sorry!)

Once more coherent = sticking together; having cohesion. (Okay, no idea what that means!)

Once again coherent = having coherence; logically connected; consistent; clearly articulated. (Aren't you glad I cleared that up for you?)

Let's try again. Coherent = capable of logical, intelligible speech, thought etc. (Oh yeah! Like Politicians!!!)

OR = PHYSICS, exhibiting coherence.? (Are you not tickled plummm pink, that I could make the definition of this, ONE word, so, so, so what is he word I'm looking for here, humm?)

I cannot hep myself, yep, I meant to say hep! (Please play along with the dummy on the other side of the Key board!)

Coherent uses cohesion, defining the word I wanted defined. (Following me?)

Cohesion = (Are you ready for this defining moment as I attempt to define whatever I'm defining?)

Cohesion = the act or condition of cohering; tendency to stick together. (Well that most definitely made that perfectly clear!).

Shall we take this easy definable word to cohesive? (I hope not!)

Cohesive = sticking together; causing or characterized by cohesion. (This be so easy even a dummy can do it!    GOODNIGHT!!!!!

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  1. Okkkkkkkk, you have left me totally confused this morning haha !!