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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spontaneous and Recalcitrance

Since working my new hours, I call it half ass hours! Do I have you confused? I sure as hell hope so, that was my goal, you see. I work's half my hours on days and half my hours on the evening shift ya see. Therefore half ass hours!

I come home and do my old person meditative routine. Surely you remember. In case you don't. I lay my achy, creaky, worn out body on my bed under covers until my body warms back to a fraction of what normal once was, thirty years ago. And me mind begins to resurface from being out of order while working. Hey works for me, don't use it, if ya don't need it.

Reminds me of a saying "if you don't use it, you lose it."

In my neck of the woods it be MORE like this, "if you use it, you lose it!"
Think upon that for a couple seconds.

Two words were playing havoc in my brain tonight while meditating, recharging, coming back to life, whatever!

Spontaneous and recalcitrance.

I was laughing at my brain, here's why. (You don't do that!)

I heard spawn-train-idiots. Well I reckon ya had to be there inside my head to get it, or find it funny. (Thank God, yer not inside my head huh!)

The other word recalcitrance, (I have no fricking idea!)

I hear and picture Alcatraz, you know the rock outside of San Francisco Bay, where they use to keep all the bad guys. Now they house ghost there.

This word for some reason I fell in love with, even though I had no fricking idea what it meant! Oh yeah, before I forget it was in the first paragraph in Obama's State Of The Press Speech.

Did I typa, whata, I thinka, I typta? You can never be for sure here on GlenView.

RECALCITRANCE, immediately my trained ignorance sees, trance and recall.

You see I'm getting old, and when you get old, sometimes you get into a trance, and you can't recall, nothing!

Hey that was spontaneous.

Well now recalcitrance, by the way, ain't that a right pretty word? That be a word you would expect lawyers to use, or speech writers, don't you think?

President Obama was talking about the other party, refusing to obey authority, hard to handle or deal with.

Have mercy, lord have mercy! That be a lawyering/political word for sure.

Spontaneous, I also loove that word! 

I will break that down just for you again, in case you don't have the finely honed, ignorance and lack of hearing like yours truly is blessed/cursed with! WHATEVER!

Spawn-train-idiots, what in tarnation, or, our nation, am I, as in Glen, here on Glen View, gonna do with this? Humm . . .

That's soo obvious!  Glen

1 comment:

  1. Love my morning "GlenView" ! I'm not inside your head because I really think you are one of the people inside MY head so I can't be inside your head or can I?

    I chuckled at the thought of you laughing at your brain. I think I do that myself from time to time, when that brain is halfway working, or not working as the case may be.

    I love your exploration into word meanings. You always come up with something totally off the wall that gives me a new perspective on the English language.

    Well, I just love your sense of humor.

    Enjoy your day dear Professor.