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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Neighborhood Things

Many things been  been going on in Glen's neighborhood. As far as the follow up to the post Snookered.
Once again I'm now working the evening shift. Been doing maintenance on a machine made in 1979. Ya see I have been a good boy. Can't lie to my friends. I have been a good old man. I begin work a few minutes early and a man older than me said, "can you take my place so I can eat my lunch. "Sure" I said. First mistake. The product was coming out to me and I made the mistake of looking at them. They didn't look okay to me, so being the numskull I be, I ask, "are these good?" Apparently WRONG question!

Well seems I rocked the boat a tad, more than a tad. Hey seemed like a logical thing to ask if I questioned the product good or not, right if unsure, ASK! That's called communication in my book, oopsey post. Well Psycho Sam in the other department had a hissy fit. He gets all carried away telling my boss !@#$%^&**&^%$#@ and so on and so forth! The next thing I know the Production Manager, my Boss and Psycho Sam are in my space. Seems Physho Sam said the wrong thing to my Boss in the wrong tone of voice, and his Boss Mr. Production didn't like the way Psycho Sam was making his point!

All the time these Bosses was discussing Bossing business old Glen be doing his job. Old Glen been there a long time, he knows his job ya see! Come to find out Psycho Sam got all bent out of shape fer nuthin! Me and Sam go back a spell. He got all bent out of shape at me the very first day I worked there. I went Psycho Glen  right back, I notta gonna take his shit, ya see! Well long story short he has never liked me. Glen don't care, he gonna do his job!

Sam got his "tit in the wringer," (One of them old sayings.) his Boss let him know, you don't talk like that. Mr. Production who is relatively new, said "I''ve never seen him talk like that!" Me and my Boss fill him in on Sam.

So I got snookered into taking this older than me old man and, sha-zam! I cause a heap O trouble, not fer me though.

Two nights ago this old man (ME)  be doing his fixing on the old 1979 model machine, getting ready for lunch. Umm! Umm! Hungry I'd reckon! The Production Manager wants to talk to me in his office. I'm thinking "Psycho Sam be at it again," then I realise, nope he done flew the coop and drinking Budweiser at home. Seems I walked into a hornet's nest, uh huh! Damn I can't get away from trouble! I've had my head, feet, ass in the old machine, greasing, repairing, how the @$%k can I be in TROUBLE! Don't they know I'm fixing this old machine using more than duct tape!

I use to have a reputation mind ya! I made the mistakes of tellin ones that need tellin, "Hey Goober you ain't doing worth a shit,  or you're the laziest person I've ever seen!" You know little pointers to help them do their job so this old man don't have to do it! Seems in the modern world you're suppose to kiss ass. Well I don't kiss ass, ya see! (I've come to a conclusion everybody must be CHALLENGED!)  Them Bosses too namsy-pamsy to evaluate, and straighten them out, so Grandpa here tried! After a few write ups, no, no, no, not the lazy asses, ME! I was rewarded with a three day vacation for UN-SPORTSMAN LIKE BEHAVIOUR! That means I got three days off without pay. I ask my Boss "how often can I tell some lazy ass? Their a lazy ass, so I can get three days off, I enjoyed the extra time off!" Apparently I wasn't supposed to! It was punishment of some kind, I never did figure where the punishment come in!

Rambling once again, imagine that! Well Mr. Production be having some trouble and he come to me. I told him the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help my old 1979 machine, I been giving a new shot at life with grease compressions. (Little joke!) I draw the line at mouth to pipes! Sheesh don't know what may be in them old air lines!

They be having some lazy people problems, and he was seeking a crazy old man's counsel! I explain to him everything the way I see it, I had me an audience fer a spell, I was in heaven! Here's what I think is going to happen, now dealing with people ya never can be sure you know!

Some people too lazy to sit on their arse and drive a Toyota Pick-up (I mean lift.) to put up stock, fill out the required information, and enter it into a computer. Okay now tell me . . . HOW LAZY IS THAT?

We got plenty of people that I'm 100% totally convinced that their lift's don't go all the way to the top!!!
So guess what, instead of working doing 4 Hours of production work, I'll be given the REALLY SUPER hard job of sitting on my arse, putting stock away, wow! Ain't life so fricking complicated, you just want to eat gummy bears and read Crime And Punishment!!! Glen

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  1. Loved the story. Love that you speak your mind and tell the lazy ones exactly what they are. I don't know what it is with some of these younger ones these days. I'm thinking that parents cater to their kids too much. Don't require them to lift a finger to do anything at home and the fact that the stinkin powers that be won't allow kids to actually work doing anything worthwhile. God forbid we teach children a work ethic by allowing them to do some manual labor . Some stinkin liberal will turn ya in for child abuse because you had your kid rake leaves or something.

    I really enjoy your blog G. Have I told you this a time or two? *smiles*