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Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Don't Kill You, Will Make You Stronger "WHAT"

What I have the most fun doing is to start out typing with nothing in mind after relaxing a spell. Meditate, medicate & let -er rip! While at work doing the mind numbing same-o, I think of a lot of things I wish to write. Some people like to prepare and make sure it's perfect, hell I don't, I ain't got time for that I'm getting old! I'm not a spring chicken anymore, shucky dern! I ain't even a summer chicken no more! How would I describe myself in relation to the seasons? I'd have to say I'm going from fall into winter and I don't like it one damn bit! My mind feels 18, my body depending on the day of the week feels 50 to 80.

I began this adventure in writing, a year ago. Didn't know how to type, never owned a computer. I told myself "self, your old body is wearing out you best find something else to do with your free time, that television will be the death of you, try something new". I reckon, it was time I learn to do something with the computer, guess what, anything I need to do, I must know how to type, aw shit! I have lived this long, learning that keyboard will be the death of me. (still might) I wish I'd paid more attention to English class now.

 Seems we're always smarter after we have made the mistake, why is that? There's another old saying "what don't kill you, will make you stronger", HUH!!! The first thing that popped into my mind the first time I heard that saying was the Wide World of Sports, that used to be on one of the networks. Every week it showed this ski jumper missing his landing and bouncing like a tennis ball all over the snow and he survived. I'm thinking, this guy ought to be Superman. I'll just bet he recovered and moved to the Florida Keys, the hell with ice and snow. He probably can't even stand the sight of an ice cube. Make you even stronger my ass, you think Evil Knievil was stronger after bouncing all over the pavement in Las Vegas! I don't think so! 

No, I have nothing earth shattering or important to say today, but I have found I like to peck around on the damn keyboard, hoping someday me and the keyboard will get along. Unfortunately I keep on learning everything the hard way and my body is about as broken down as Evil's, he died a few years back didn't he? I have found out, you can type with one finger, so if I have nothing else but my imagination and one active finger I can always write something, and you'all know if I think it, I'll write it.

Some people write real pretty, like they must of gone to school or something. They use words so big so different I don't know what they said. It do look real fine. One thing I can guarantee you, there won't be none of that here, no-sir-ree-bob-a--louie... (No I don't know what that means I just felt like saying it!) I'mma gonna keep on practicing my typing and my keyboard. Whatever enters my knot of a head will come out so I'll apologize first for that. Hopefully once in a while I'll write something funny and entertaining. U-KNOW, I HAVE UNTIL THE DAY I DIE TO PRACTICE AND KEEP ON TRYING. I MIGHT BE THE FIRST SPIRIT TO HAVE IT'S OWN BLOG. I'LL CALL IT GLEN VIEW FROM BEYOND!!!     

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