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Friday, August 26, 2011

Convenience & Eradicate

Hello my friends all around the world. My numbers may be few and I'll bet you say, "I wonder what that feller is going to say today"? I don't know so let's see. A commercial for one of the major soft drink company from many years back, just jumped to the front of the line in my head. I believe it was late sixties or early seventies. The commercial shows people from all around the globe singing about perfect harmony, drinking sodas, but this quick glimpse of dejavu didn't stay long enough to give me the lyrics, damn I hate getting old, 30 years ago I would of received the lyrics and the glimpse would of been stronger. I've heard older people say, "I may be getting old but I still have my mind"!!!!! The hell with the mind give me the body of a twenty something and all the good physical things that come with a young body.

I must warn you, I just took my old fellows medicine, sometimes if I mix that with an odd fellow like me, strange things happen, especially at the computer, I just go with the flow. Is that okay with you out there, including the little men in space, looking for intelligent life. My suggestion would be to skip earth, there is no intelligent life down here. If you want clarification look at Washington D. C. We have all SMART? elected officials that can't balence a check book. We have wars around the planet. We have fat bankers printing money like it grows on trees. We have enough nuclear warheads to destroy ourselves thousands of times. We have street gangs, gangsters, ghouls, vampires and even worse than that Politicians. Probably the most successful, thriving, getting bigger every day is the illegal, and legal drug producers. You think I'm KIDDING, they now have vending machines dispensing legal drugs, yep I couldn't believe my eyes when I come across this story. Get you a dollar movie at red box and some drugs dispensed right outside your favorite convenience store. Man the competition is getting tough for the illegal drug sellers, they have to stand in dark alleys, street corners! The convenient stores will be selling marijuana right inside the store and a snort of coke before long.(That's what I call convenience.) The government needs a way to raise taxes and why not legalize it. Do you think its any more harmful than the legal meds and all the other junk in our foods, water, the air we breathe. Sheesh, the nuclear crap floating around the earth right now is killing us. Why not give us the satisfaction of going out happy from the conveniece stores. So when we develope cancer from all the air we breathe, we can go the the medical industry (did I mean to say INDUSTRY, yep!) and get chemotherapy to eradicte the nuclear fall out we breathe. In a warped way, it makes sense! OOPS! MY BATTERY TO MY BRAIN HAS QUIT!!! GOODNIGHT OUT THERE WHEREVER YEE BE.    

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