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Friday, August 12, 2011


Well, well, well, how ya'all doing out there wherever ya be! Having been posting as much as I'd like to. Too damn busy with life stuff u-know. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time to write is when I come home, relax, put a little something in me belly, meditate after medication and let my brainee just take me where I ain't gonna before. Hit the publish button, go to bed and read what I wrota the next day. Well sometimes I amuse myself when I read the article and sometimes I say to myself, "what in the world was I thinking". That be the fun part I wasn't thinking, I just let-er-rip! Don't ya just plum get tired of the every day same-o, same-o. Well, that's what I aim to change, here on Glen View.

 Do you ever ask yourself, "why is everything the same, every dad-gum day"? Them there Politicians from Washington are so stupid they only know a few words, soo they keep on repeating the same dang words, u-know. You thinka we-a gonna change their lame ass brains. Damn what do we expect when their mascots are a Donkey and a Elephant. Damn Donkeys are skinny and ornery and them damn Elephants are fat and want to be fatter. WE, as in we the people keep on electing these dumasses. I must apologize, can't get them damn Politicians out-a my head.

Speaking of crazies, have ya missed me? Man oh man, I'm was just getting warmed up during June. I postee a post thingamabob every day. (Don't go back and see if I wrote what you think I wrote, because I probably did). Just a tryin to keep ya'all on your toes, causin ya just flat ass don't know what I'mma gonna write, do ya? If I can think it, I can write it and certainly misspell it. I don't even bother using that spell checky thing because everything I write is yellow if I do!

Newscast same everyday, newspaper's headlines the same everyday. Death, destruction, Wall Street, and that's the good news. Now you got to put your pants on, or not, some people ain't even got enough sense to pull their damn britches up and not let their damn underwear show! Damn that describes everybody I work with almost. My Buddy Ah-Klem, we are old and we have had more practice pulling our britches up. I would say "I hate to pick on these youngins", but that would be a lie. They are askin for it, so I oblige them. I just wish you could ride with me one day and see such silly ass shit, that it becomes self-explanatory why we as a nation are up the creek without a paddle. It's the damn leaders that are a-leading. Let me clarify that, they sure as hell don't know how to lead. I'll equate it to, imagine your pulling a wagon across the plains heading to California 150 years ago. You leave St. Louis but end up in the Atlantic Ocean. (Did I hear someone say HUH). Exactly, must be a Donkey and a Elephant pulling the wagon!!!   THANKS FOR A-VISITING.

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