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Monday, August 22, 2011

Little Red Schoolhouse or Mega Schoolhouse

I'm setting at the computer wishing to write something. I look over many notes I have made but nothing feels right. As the weekend draws to a close I think, ain't it funny how time slips away. I can still remember my first day of school, over 50 years ago. Today children start with pre-school, kinder garden, then first grade. I wonder why that is? Are the children of today more intelligent because of this? I've read several articles in recent years where the graduation rate is down for high school and students are having trouble passing test that evaluate students at different grade level requirements. Why? We build more and more new schools in the area where I live. If we are giving the students the best, why are they not succeeding? All I hear and read is excuses! I see the salaries of the top school officials and all there Doctorates and shake my head. Why is some of that smartness not getting to the children. Then I started thinking, (oh no, here I go). The whole school system is bloated. We have all these administrators, superintendents, middle layer upon layers of people given jobs and what are we getting. Dummer children on the whole. It just flat don't make no sense!

Who is in charge of all the schools and controlling, making the rules setting the standards, making the decisions for the taxpayers who pay and pay and I don't have a problem paying my taxes to get the children the education that once made us a great nation. Let's go back 50 or 100 years what is different now? Was not schools back then, simpler structures, without air-conditioning and the school year was much shorter per my remembrance and my mothers. My mother attended grade school in a small two room structure with outside bathroom and a hand pump for water in the 1930's. Compare that to the modern schools of today.

I poured my heart and soul out in a three piece story I wrote back in March or April, titled Limestone, Brick & Mortar, about a old school building that was used for 100 years. Still functionally sound but obsolete. They tore it down and built a new state of the art building with all of the modern conveniences. Will the millions upon millions of dollars spent make the children smarter? According to the testing of today I don't think so! Blame is spread around evenly like a peanut butter sandwich, but guess what! NOTHING improves.

State of the art definition is, the current level of sophistication of a developing technology. Hum! Has schooling been reduced to technology. Well Lordy be! daylight in the swamp! That just explains everything to a working man striving to keep a roof over his head, raising a family and wishing to get by, paying insurance, taxes and for all of them luxuries, yes, sir this poor boy from the Heartland and former place where good paying jobs pumped the life's blood of America!!! Technology has diminished and therefore the dumming down of our school children! It's coming through loud and painfully clear on my crystal ball, TECHNOLOGY. Well I have heard that word, along with state of the art all my life, dad burn it, I'm going to look tech-nol-ogy up, yes, sir!

Technology is the science or study of the practical or industrial arts, applied sciences, etc. Another definition is the system by which a society provides its members with those things needed or desired. Jumping gee-hos-a-phat. (Is that a word.) I feel dummer now than when I started looking up the definition! So we have all these high falluting words and definitions and John and Mary can't read or write good enough to pass the yearly evaluation test. We give them state of the art buildings and teachers, Seems to me our technology is a-running behind the rest of the world as the U. S. OF A. IS BEING DUMMIED DOWN BY OUR HIGHLY PAID AND OVER EDUCATED DOCTORS OF EVERYTHING AND NOTHING. THEY PROBABLY ATTENDED SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES HERE IN THE STATES, MAYBE THAT BE THE PROBLEM, YA RECKON!!!    

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