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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fester & Rankle with guest rancor?

Look, from out of the sky, two unusual sounding words are yelled to me! Reverberating inside my eardrums like cymbals going off, making my head go back and forth like the noon bell ringing at St. Peters. Thank you, oh word king! I do need something to break up the doldrums I've found myself in. These words seem to describe my state of being right now, here goes, I hope to break away from the headlock of wrestler Doom-gloom. This ones dedicated to my blogger friend A---s, here goes Bud this ones for you! (I thought that was kinda cute)

FESTER, what in tarnation kind of word is that? What is the thought that word brings???? (No not tarnation, fester, just playing with ya.) Uncle Fester in the Addams family is what pops into my head. All of us probably have strange uncles, but I'm pretty sure none are quite as strange as uncle Fester.

FESTER, a small sore filled with pus, uuuh! 1 to form pus; ulcerate uuuhh! 2 to grow embittered; rankle. 3 to decay to cause the formation of pus in uuuuhhh! What a wonderful word, seems I have no place to go but up from here!

I have nothing to lose, so I'm going up one word above the beautiful word of fester.
FESTAL, ah, that has a nicer ring to it, of, or like a joyous celebration. Ooh yeah! much better! So we have a nice word, joy, as in joy to the world, all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me. DAMN! what the hell was that! One of my nut cases plum jumped into my head. Now where was I, this may get crazier before I'm done. That's okay, after all this is GLEN VIEW u-know!

There was a television show when I was a-growing up called Gunsmoke. On there was a haggard looking fella, who rode a mule called Fester Hagen. Oopsey close, it was Festus Hagen, damn, damn, oh damn, I thought sure it was Fester. See how old age plays tricks on ya! Let's go on to rankle. Oh Festus looked mighty wrinkled, I mean rankled.

Rankle, 1 to fester; become, or make imflamed. 2 to cause, or cause to have long lasting anger, rancor, resentment etc. Dag gone it, now I have to look up rancor! It don't sound to nice, do it? (That be one thing that has always just pissed me off! Ya know what I'm saying! You must keep up looking words because one word gives you another word to look up and before you know it you're right back to the same damn word you started with!)  

Rancor, a continuing and bitter hate or ill will; deep spite or malice. Ooh wee this here little piece in hillbilly literature is-a turning nasty. This word in British is spelled rancour? I think it should be spelled rankourr, hey, but that's just me a descendant of hillbillies that came from Ireland. Ah oh better leave that a-hanging right there huh!    

"Damn that's for sure you crazy ass cornfield feed Doctor of Dumassology. I bet you ate the genetically altered sample sweet corn as a boy didn't you Doc. Glen View". I must apologize that would be one of my inner voices, that's raising what I thought was now a silent voice, Joe Pesky. Please excuse me one moment folks, as I have a Doctor to mental misfit patient conversation, (please don't read this  encouragement to Joe, "shut the ???? up". I must use words he understands!) I now return you to normal somewhat intelligent conversation here on Glen View, where you won't fint the amount of crazies anywhere on the Blog channel.

These two words fester & rankle sounds a mite like terminology an old time country Doctor would of used a-hundred years ago. John Boy, "that ankle of your'n look a-mite rankled, lookee how that pus is oozing out of that thing, ooh wee! I can use my new saw from New York city and take that thing right off".

Hey I wonder if any one has ever had the name Fester or Rankle. How about Fester R. Rankle or Rankle R. Fester or Rankle Ira Fester, you get the picture, nice old fashion country names. Oh, oh, oh, how about this, Momma says as Fester is crying his eyes out "don't you fester up on me". How about "Rankle don't you make your Momma get all inflamed".

Let's recap what do we know so far. Key words being, pus, ulcerate, inflamed. U-know I think these few words sum up nicely, so-a I gonna move on away from these nasty ass words to the second definition of rankle. To cause, or have long lasting anger, rancor or resentment. We have went from pus to plus, these words I know a lot about. But, I'MMA GONNA SAVE THEM ALONG WITH RANCOR FOR ANOTHER DAY. HOPE YOU ENJOYED A GLIMPSE INSIDE THE SANITARIUM, WHERE I'M OWNER/OPERATOR AND CHIEF NUTSO AND LET'S NOT FORGET DOCTOR OF DUMASSOLOGY  

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