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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


          I must apologize for being completely new to the world of computers. My post, Super Store I was too windy and the Blogee Brain stopped me short and I lost the flashy line thing-a-ma-jiggee. Without that I could not control anythingee. Having such a trying day at the too big I can't fail place. It may just be me but when I think I know where to go to find my St. John's Wort, they move it. I see conspiracy. They don't want you knowing. They play with your mind (that's why I take my wort). They want you to search and say to yourself, oh yeah I forget I needed that. Searchin over Hells 11&1/2 acres to find that cute little tooth brush you saw last year. Until your cart runneth over and you maxeth out your credit card.
          Okay, being such a long and tiring day I fear losing my post and I kept seeing visions of Gumman poking that little brain, I were a might out of control. Too much lost time, lost yesterday. When it looks as though, I were there to stay and a shadow hanging over me, oh yesterday was so long. Now I truly need a place to hide away. (What the hell was that) ask Truthman. I was perplexed and way past my nighty- nite time. The heck with it I told the truth in  my post, The Creating Of GlenView. I lost the r in creating. So I hope you will accept my humble apology. Also for the ever lasting amount of errors, I guarantee you, I will make.
          I would like to finish the story of Super Store and give opinions. (oh ???t comes from my brain).
          The man and woman with the battery problems leave a few minutes before me. I figure it took the ones from the L. O. T. L, 2 hours to figure it out. I figure they must have another handicapped little brain back there! Here is how I view it.(Notice how I work my last name in, tricky little devil ain't I  today). The battery couple, man one and me. Take 2 hours to mount 2 tires because them men in back are too tired. Then 1,000 points of light appear above my head. Ka-ching,  ka-ching, "winner." Them tired ones in back quitting time is 8 PM. That's why it only took them 1 hour and 20 minutes to put on my tire and it took 40 minutes to get past the dinkleberries up front. Them men in the L. O. T. L. must be faster than they look. It's now 8:05 I sit down in my van, dazed, shocked but relieved to return to my own world, into my own version of insanity. It's a wonderful life.
          I see ulterior motives. They want you waiting and not sitting on the hard metal bench from hell. If your a-shoppin , your a-buyin. While waiting I see a couple I'll call Tyrone and LuLu, kissy, feely  hands on couple, as I was writing my attention was not centering on the counter area. I figure they are getting a oil change. They disappear into the store and come back in 10 minutes with a 12 pack of beer. I definitely know they have been here before and get around the system. Here I sit eating M&M's, they are going to the bus pickup shack and whatever.
          My mission was accomplished, I only took 2 valium to bring my B. P. down to normal.
          The world changes around us. I remember reading Grapes of Wrath and the phrase "company store." Seems to me the ones here, do that already. We all eventually will be doing that just like in the book. Once we are completely dependent on the company stores, being that they will pay us little forcing us to buy from them. I am naive, I reckon to think that the creator of this empire never envisioned today' s trend. The customers first, simple logic and homespun beginnings have withered to what I experienced. The simpleness of the Mom and Pop stores, Washington Street homeyness and stories of helpful hardware men, never really existed, did it? I am an ancient one, lost in the land of the lost. That is why I'm proud to feel a lost era, if only in my heart. The simplistically uncomplicated enjoyments that I wish for ones now to witness just once. The childhood fascination of a dime store. Walking 2 blocks to your neighborhood Mom and Pop Store. Buying a coca-cola for a nickel. Buying chewing gum with baseball cards inside. Gum with Beatles cards and cherishing the feel the excitement the amazing magnificence of simple pleasures.                 
                                                                                                 THANK YOU G. E. G.

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  1. Wow. Your prose is like potato chips...I want just one more! Excellent job!