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Sunday, October 17, 2010


          (Recap part one.) Dorothy's childhood home filled with a lifetime of memories are being told every Sunday afternoon and chronicled by Eric and Stacey Best. The new owners who Dorothy sold her house to for $1.00. Because they to love the 100 year old home. They complete all the necessary repairs to make the once proud home livable again.
                                                                         PART TWO
          Several months have gone by since Dorothy cried touring her old home. Eric and Stacey visit her regularly at the assisted living facility where she has lived since hurting her hip many years before. Still overseeing her financial interest and still as sharp as a tack. Her mind still plays like a fine violin. Her body withers but not her mind.
          It troubles Stacey to hear Dorothy speak with so much passion about a material possession. Like her former home. Stacey starts feeling somber after their visits with Dorothy. It's just not right! Dorothy has lived her whole life in that house. She must discuss her feelings with Eric.
          After a lengthy discussion Eric ask "what do you wish to do?" "I want to let her move back in and live with us." Stacey replies. "Sounds like a splendid idea, seems only fitting that she should spend her remaining years in her childhood home" Eric said. It was that simple Dorothy with her beautiful stories has made her home, their home with her lifetime of memories. They are in complete agreement, but what will Dorothy think? She has plenty of money for around the clock care should it ever become needed. She gets around slowly but laughs about it. They discuss how to bring it up. "simply truthful and straight forward" Eric suggests. She has given us more than we could ever repay and she as a lifetime savvy businesswoman would see through anything less than honest and heartfelt. This is our home because she has passed on her love of it, to us. We were looking to purchase a special one of a kind and did we ever! Our minds are in agreement and set in stone. Sunday we will explain to Dorothy how and why we reached this conclusion.
          Sunday we listen as usual never tiring of hearing Dorothy reminisce. We bring her a piece of pineapple upside down cake, her favorite. "You two young ones are spoiling me, If I wasn't so old I would ask you to adopt me" Dorothy laughs. That's our cue, so Stacey asks "Dorothy we would like for you to come and live with us as our special guest." "Good lord almighty have you two young ones lost your minds" Dorothy responds. You two don't beat around the bush do you! Have you thought how I might handicap you with my presence." " We have not nor would we ever think of you in that manner" says Stacey. "Your asking me to even consider that has made me happy." Eric adds "Young lady you might outlive us, we are in our fifties, your mind is as sharp as as young as ever. You have given us the diary of your home and instilled into us your love of your home. Stacey and I would consider it a great honor to live with us besides how much food can you eat. Pineapple upside down cake every Sunday, a Birthday cake, a present on Christmas morning and if you are real good we might tuck you into bed each night and read you a bedtime story." Dorothy is laughing and crying at the same time. "You two get out of here you have perplexed me enough for today. I have much weighing of thought and emotions to weed through. I might not be able to sleep tonight. Such a showing of love warms me deeply. No matter my decision I will carry you two in my heart until my last dying breath."
          Eric is unsure of what Dorothy will decide, not Stacey she tells Eric "Of you have your choice of living your remaining time in an antiseptic smelling old folks home or moving back into your newly  modernized home where you have lived 95% of your life in, what would be your decision. Seems a no brainer to me and Dorothy brain cells are all still functioning."
          Next Sunday Dorothy acts the same as usual and starts reminiscing with no mention of their offer. After playing with them she slides her answer in by saying "yes to your kind offer; however if at anytime my mind should stray from where it is now, I wish to come back here. Is that understood! Now give your new old girl a family hug. Within a month Dorothy is sleeping in her old bed in the room she grew up in and in her old home. Eric and Stacey give her a gift. A stair lift to take her up and down the stairs with seat belts.
THE REST OF THE STORY WILL SHOW YOU A SURPRISE OR TWO. STAY TUNE FOR MORE CORNER LOT. Thank you. G. E. G. I feel like a new Bill Lee Hill story coming soon to GlenView.

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