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Saturday, October 16, 2010


          A young man from a temporary service comes to work wearing low riding jeans with black under wear showing. I understand young people like to dress and act differently. Fine, understandable, I get it rebellious thing. Give us old farts a break, nothing new. Call me prudent in old age. One wishing employment should come dressed for working. Comfortable clothing to move freely in. Capable of bending over picking up type stuff. Do you think animalistic showing your feathers type stuff, strutting your peacock,whateverrrrr your attempting to do will is gonna turn on grandma here??? I'll refer to this rebellious moron as Hip. I 'll interview him now. Hip, "what is the point of your pants here today?" Dah!, "yo dude hows it hanging," "no Hip "I asked you" Hip replies, can you shorten the question so my pants can hear you." I ask "PANTS", "Hanging with my bros'"s and got a call to show somewhere, I can't say that word bro, so I'm cooling." What word Hip? "w word bro" I reply, "work" "yo" was his answer. Never know when I need to hang, you know." "No I don't know, your here from a temporary service right?" I ask. "yo" hip shakes his head. I decide I will attempt communication later.
          Unfortunately he works close to me, I am giving the honor of viewing his low riding pants. I mentally block him out, can't for long as he is playing a drum solo and it is louder than the fricking machine. I think to myself "chill out dude". I turn the other direction and talk to Scorpion girl. (That's a made up name obviously). I complete our conversation with a large laugh. Hip looks at me and ask "what." I look at him and "say I don't believe I was talking to you." We have 14 machines making noise' he is playing the drums. I now get it he wears his pants so low he hears through his ass!!! I tell myself to chill. I do my job and block Hip out. It's working.
          I cannot take anyone seriously wearing pants that low like a badge of honor. It just happens I look over there as he takes his right hand to his crotch and lifts his pants and whatever up. I laugh like hell shake my head and tell myself, I am having one of my awake dreams moments, cause my imagination sometimes screams for relief. I'm running 2 machines I let one run out. I bring myself back to reality, I start my machine and tell myself to block Hip out and focus on the job at hand. Job is finished we are cleaning up. Hip once again pulls up his pants via the one hand crotch raising technique and just when I think I have seen the bottom of the barrel ones, this low riding crotch raising moron shows up.
          This whole fiasco is so moronically stupid and it throws a wrench in my gears so bad I can't write funny from wanting to lecture him for being the stupidest excuse for a human being possible. Does this young man think he will ever get anyone to hire him with the way he is presenting himself. My grandmaw from the southern hills of Indiana would of hit me in the head with a baseball bat, tied me to the bed and prayed to the lord for help if she would of seen such an idiotic stunt.
          How can this behavior go on. Have we as a society just covered our eyes and this is the results. What about the agency he came from? Do that not have any standards.? Does this young man seriously entertain thoughts of steady employment. I cannot even fathom the thoughts of this young man having children. Him being a father????????????? That is so scary I cry for that child. I cry for the children already. I do not go out and look for people like this! They come from an employment agency to my place of work. Is nothing serious to them. Has individuality been reduced to this. You say it is just pants. I am willing to overlook the young man's pants as like of guidance. But to blatantly take his hand and raise his privates in such a manner as to indicate such emotions as too say """"YOU. This young man should, I cannot even think of the just punishment, my grandmaw "could" I bet.

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  1. Aw...get in the new millennium, old man! hahaha...