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Sunday, October 31, 2010

CORNER LOT (4) "Dorothy knows best" Halloween Special

          "I buried all my pets around this plot, anticipating my burial here. So this ground is very special to me. While we are discussing ground and with your blessing, I would like to give a financial gift to make this property a park and put this house on the National Historic Register. Of course only with your approval, I do not wish to seem presumptuous. I will give a considerable sum of money to assure that this property we'll stay that way forever. I have plenty of money and wish to do something positive with it when my time here is over. Have I perplexed you young ones as you did me when you ask me to live with you? Please think it over" Dorothy says. 'We are speechless and Stacey and I will mull it over" as Stacey and I both shake our heads in agreement. 
          Dorothy is doing remarkably well as we finish our tour of the property. She is an amazing person, extremely intelligent, self made millionaire and her once broken hip is showing no signs of troubling her.
          Stacey and I agree to sleep on Dorothy's idea a few days. We have never discussed burial before. So as not to rush we decide to wait one month to think about it. After one month we both come to the same conclusion. We love this property and like Dorothy would love to be buried here close to our beloved home. We finalize this with our Lawyers.
          Dorothy brings another one of her pet pictures and just like Tiger they come to her. She only had to read about them before going to sleep and they would visit her during the night. It was not in dreams they actually were there "somehow." All of her cherished pets appear. She merely reads the stories she wrote about them. She drifts off to sleep lovingly thinking of them. It does not matter how or why she loves and accepts every moment of the precious time spent together. She wishes to tell Stacey but how can she convince her? These nightly visit baffle her, what would Stacey think.
          Eric is to be out of town for a few days. I will use that time to to prepare and show her. Dorothy and Stacey talk about life after death, ghost and paranormal type goings on. Since it was Halloween time it was not out of the ordinary. Stacey was open to other unexplainable activities beyond normal comprehension. She could not explain but believes some individuals are able to bring paranormal phenomenon to them. Dorothy ask Stacey "do you believe in love as in human, animal even possessions like this house?" "Yes of course Stacey answers." Dorothy ask, "do you believe in me and that I am in control of my mental state," "absolutely was Stacey's answer." Stacey ask Dorothy is this house haunted?" "Full of love and that love has loving bedfellows! Dorothy explains, I have loved many pets in my time and have never experienced anything out of the ordinary until Eric found my trunk of loving memories. I place Tiger's picture on my night stand and go to sleep thinking about him." Stacey said, you told us it was a dream," "yes that was what I originally thought but it has happened numerous times since and I assure you I was not dreaming." "goodness gracious can you see him?" Stacey ask, "no but I hear him purring and feel him jumping on the bed and feel his fur. I have tried the same thing with my other pets and the same thing happened!" Dorothy states. "Wow! wow! totally absolutely amazing" Stacey blares out! "Do you believe me?" Dorothy asks. "Absolutely, do you think it would happen If I was with you?" Stacey asks. Dorothy fires back, "are you not afraid? not in this house and not with you, no, says Stacey. So it's set I will bunk with you and let's see, okay." "Sure but you are taking it much better than I expected" said Dorothy. That same night Stacey sleeps in Dorothy's bed full of curiosity but not afraid. Dorothy believes Tiger to be her best shot so his picture is on her nightstand. Stacey agrees to be perfectly quiet when Tiger makes an appearance.
          Several hours later something jumps onto the bed and they hear a small locomotive headed up between them. Dorothy reaches down with her left hand and pets him. Stacey feels Tiger's presence and hears his purring. She sees Dorothy petting an invisible cat, yet it is real. Stacey cannot control herself, she reaches down and feels fur and further more feels Tiger purring full of love. Stacey is totally dumbfounded and not the least bit scared. They give Tiger some love then he curls up and all 3 go to sleep. Well two of them go back to sleep they are unsure what Tiger did. Morning comes and Stacey tells Dorothy "that was so amazing, The love in this house is alive.' Love from Dorothy, Stacey, Eric the animals this house and property is real! All playing the same note, the note "love."
          As soon as Eric returns they gang up on him and tell their story. He is flabbergasted but could not deny because both of them experience the same thing. Confused but one for being open to unexplainable phenomenon, realities , dimensions whatever they are called. Eric ask "what if I sleep in a chair beside the bed do you think I could experience it also?"
          So that night all 3 wait for a beautiful and unexplainable adventure. Tiger was again shows up, his purr in high, revving as if to tell Eric. He gently reaches over Stacey and pets the invisible, real sounding and warm to the touch cat. Eric did not doubt what the two of them were telling him. But no questions remains after experiencing it for himself.       
          At the breakfast table the warmth and love was off the "love-o-meter scale." Dorothy's pets became family (love ones) because they knew this is their home. Animals and humans as well would rather be here, than anyplace else or any other spiritual existences or what other realities exist. Is this their heaven? Love is the foundation, without love there is only existence. With love our spirituality transcends time and space. We are pure energy. Something no human is meant to understand. Are boundaries are limited to what our senses tells us, we are  incapable of using but a small part of our mind thus limiting are understanding.
          Dorothy knows that soon she will be one with her animals. Like them she wishes to remain with her most cherished and love place, her home. Eternity is where your heart is and her heart is this house.
          It was simply a matter of time until Dorothy brings up the question to Eric and Stacey. "Do you think it is possible for me to return like my pets?" Eric ask Dorothy to please share your thinking on this subject." Dorothy explains, "my whole life has been conventional as far as religion. The normal heaven and hell scenario. However lately since my animals are visiting me I believe because of love that is shared both ways. Is it possible for my love and both of yours love to do the same." "WOW" at the same time, Stacey and I say. Stacey says, "seems like you have been doing much thinking on this." Dorothy responds," what if heaven is where you wish to spend your eternity. If I could choose, I simply wish to spend it here. This is where I feel love and give it back to my new love ones. I am willing to take that step. Do you think the sight of my rocking chair rocking will scare you?" Not unless you are eating pineapple upside down cake." Eric laughs. "You are dead serious about this aren't you Dorothy," ask Stacey, "YES," Dorothy replies.       
          "We could be entering breakthrough ground but only the 3 of us will know" adds Eric. "If you come back , that means we can too! This whole scenario stems from love, doesn't it?" questions Stacey, "Yes, yes, yes all 3 say." "Let's sleep on it" Dorothy laughs. Eric and Stacey also laugh, "nothing wrong with your noodle," Eric exclaims.
          During lunch Stacey and Eric say "we have nothing to loose, do we?" All 3 agree, "No. "Dorothy iterates, "one thing I will put a stipulation in the paper work and of course both of you will have to sign. I will give enough money to see that the house and property will be maintained. Also after the last one dies, shatter proof dark glass and all entry ways are to be permantly sealed. That way our home will not be vandalized. I will pay 3 lawyers a retainer and their successors will represent us forever. "Eric adds let's do the paperwork and wait one month. One month later after discussing it from every conceiveable angle the paperwork is signed."
          Dorothy's animals come to visit her everynight and one night her heart just gives out from old age. She's buried on her beloved property. Eric and Stacey continue her ritual with her animals. Ten years has passed, no Dorothy. They have given up hope. One icy day a semi-truck crossed into their lane and they were gone. After a few days their spirit eminates through the ground, they sense much warmth and love and there was Dorothy with all her animals. She waited for them, they go into this journey together and she wishes to enter into their house (heaven) together.         

               A HALLOWEEN STORYAND MY TRIBUTE TO WALT F. "He once told me his house was not a home after his wife died."
                                                                ,                                                                                                                                        G. E. G.

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