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Thursday, October 7, 2010


          Opinion; a belief based not on certainty, but on what seems true or probable. 
          Opinions are like numbers. Ask 5 different people their opinions on any subject. 
          Take statistics pro or con and watch magic happen. Ross Perot comes to mind, the way he used them. Being a billionaire he could buy statistics. Democrats and Republicans with all their money do the same. 
          Does opinions matter? Certainly. but only to the ones stating their opinions. Everybody has an ???hole ( I try not to cuss and am finding it hilarious to state my opinion using different words to make my point. Butt, ( I seem to take more words doing it.) Sorry where was I, philosophy, no been there done that. Philosophy reminds me of something, please hold ........................................
          My mind is clearer, sorry I must recap to re-coop my thoughts, keywords, opinion, statistics, Ross Perot, money, poo-poo = politicians. Opinions seem to matter especially to politicians. No, not your opinion! The opinion of their speech writer, opinion of what type of people in the crowd. If it is a $1,000 a plate dinner, it is tuxedo night and your money buys any opinion. If it is Detroit Michigan General Motors Plant it is roll up my sleeves, I'm a working mans opinion.
          I give my opinion, possibly that's one of my 1001 faults. I keep a list, I'm going for the Ripley;s Believe it or not record for most faulted male. I like giving opinions because I can use my brain as it is my opinion. People I know, know my opinion is on the way. It's free and it "will be a-comin".
          I am starting a new way of stating my opinion where I work. It seems if J. J. is not doing his job and I, an old man have to help. I will say get off your lazy ??? and get it in gear. Well most likely I can get by with that; however if I'm tired, I might use the words of wisdom handed down to me by my forefathers. You are the laziest ?????????? person, I have ever seen. These words are extremely useful in getting their attention. Example, words like this, that make them visualize action seem to jettison caveman instincts, giving them a shot of much needed adrenalin. In 9 out of 10 times I see immediate response. Face becomes red, heart rate speeds up. Yes that's it, adrenal glands are cooking, now take that shot of glucose and instead of running from the big bad dinosaurus breakus and "workus". Okay!!!! the other 10% of the time I am in the offus listening to the bossus sayus "you can't talk to dingus dongus" that away. I state, I was merely using a verb stating my opinion under the first "opinionment".
          My new gimmick is laughing  and smiling with the biggest, goofiest look I can muster up and then use the verb word and freak them out from trickery. I will smile and laughingly say you are the ?????????? laziest person I did ever, not see. ( I'll let you know how that goes). I'm having a brain fart and temporary lost my connection, stay tune as I reboot, ( that is one of my favorite new words ). How's that  my final thought is a-comin.
          Okay, re-boot is where you must re-boot your computer, my vivid imagination sees something else, my #12 boot up someones ??? twice, once for fun and once for free.
          Final thought, if I don't take a nap before it comes out. Websters Dictionary #3 definition for "OPINION", ( drum roll please )..."formal expert judgment" Glen Bob has just given his formal expert judgment.  
                                                                                                                 G. E. G.

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