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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Survival is my priority, mentally and physically. Body worn from life, aches and pains are norm. Seems new ones crop up every day. See the Doc, take more meds. Vicious unstoppable circle. Life makes me an introvert. Mentally I feel renewed. I have more understanding and inner peace than ever. It's the non-stop existences of life that test my will. Simple becomes complicated. Complicated by human boundaries. Common sense replaced with words, such as challenged. Challenge; anything that calls for a special effort. Add one letter it now means "DISABLED". Lots of people disable themselves.
Disabling from lack of effort. "LACK" a  simple yet powerful word. One might say, I lack an S. U. V. That is not the same. That's a want. I want this, I want that. A blind person lacks vision but they succeed because they try. Overcoming and working around obstacles. Disabilities do not stop people "some" work around them. Some cry foul. First hand witnessing of astounding individuals that lack many things in life succeed, others "that want" say, I fail. You must help me. Help is okay, everyone needs "guidance". Guidance is a lighthouse, showing, helping instructing. Demanding without earning makes you a lackey.
Someone who gives all, are winners. Mentality should give you insight. Intelligence alone may make you smart, yet lack wisdom. Greatest gift of mankind is compassion, understanding.
I grow tired of people in positions that should be providing guidance. Instructing basics for survival and life. Giving such lackadaisical efforts. A horse with spirit "heart". Will give it's all to the point of killing itself.
People with heart become contagious. I do not have to explain, we all have known people like this. Needed now, more than ever. Compassion, dignity, morals, individuals with inner understanding and common sense to see through the bull that require hip waders today. I fear it's too late. The modern world of instantaneous communication has handicapped the masses. Have we become what I once thought generations before us were trying to avoid or is it the same O. same O. That has existed and what I believe has destroyed civilization after civilization. Rebuilt only to be destroyed again because of greed, corruption, power.
We the people are the animals. Destroying previous civilizations, the biggest armies become the leaders. Not from wisdom from destroying. The ones in charge, the most powerful cry! We know what's best for you, we are wise, we will take care of you, we will teach you love, happiness, compassion, family values. Its non-stick, the same O. same O. Wise, intelligent. rich, leaders know better than common folk. Who wish nothing more than to survive and raise another generation. These few disable us, as surely as species of animals grow extinct.
Is it a conspiracy? Who knows! It works! I grow tired my body dies with each passing day. My spirit leaves flying high! Your spirit, your "essence" never dies. It flies around the world lands to become dust. Reality stays real as long as there are "real people'.      
         Sorry I must vent to become me again, more fun stuff planned. G. E. G.


  1. Wow. That's kinda dark...good, but dark! Like coffee!

  2. You know Glen, I love your light-hearted posts and I love your stories. But when I read posts like this one, I see what a well rounded person you are. The depth and wisdom in your words is mind boggling at times......... I am so glad you decided to start writing. What an inspiration you have been to me!!

    I love the line about the "wise intelligent rich leaders" who disable us. You are so right on the money with those words.