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Monday, October 18, 2010


      Bill Lee's life is changing. After the loss of his childhood pet/friend "GOAT." Bill Lee is maturing as surely as the corn he plants. Adult feelings are springing up and confusing him mentally and physically. He begins viewing one young girl from a different perspective. This girl is Lilly Claire. Daughter of the local Veterinarian Thomas Alvin Meriwether. Billy Lee and Lilly Claire have known one another their whole life. During their sophomore year of High school changes were happening within Bill Lee and inside/outside of Lilly Claire. She appears amazingly beautiful to Bill Lee, not the skinny kid in overalls and pig-tails any longer. 
      Lilly Claire Meriwether loves animals. She would spend all her time at her fathers Clinic/kennel if he would allow it. She wishes to become a Veterinarian just like her father. Lilly Claire and Bill Lee play together and are friends since Grade School. On many occasions she visited the Hill Farm undoubtedly the premier Hog Farm in the state that is what her father said, "the Hill's do everything proper." Lilly Claire was awe-struck just like her father at Bill Lee's uncanny abilities around animals. They discuss Bill Lee countless times. Her father explains it this way, "Bill Lee was born with a special gift, reasons not to be understood but cherished. He becomes as one with the animal, an extension of each somehow." 
      Lilly Claire works with animals, it takes much patience and persistence to gain their trust, whereas Bill Lee looks them in the eye and they merge somehow? Lilly Claire blossoms into a beautiful flower. Long silky dark hair with big brown eyes, drawing stares from all the boys. One in particular, Bill Lee Hill.
      Bill Lee definitely knows his way around a farm and his accomplishments showing pigs and his escapades with Goat are legend around these parts.
      Bill Lee and Lilly Claire sit side by side in Biology Class. The smell of her hair, her beautiful eyes and her perfume was made him feel a might goofy, he tells his Dad. Benny advises him you are growing up son. He knows that as he is over 6 feet tall and still growing. When he sees other boys laughing and talking to Lilly Claire he does not like it one bit! The feelings within sure perplex him, he has never been so confused in his life. He talks to the sows about it. He ask Mom and Dad,"could he sit beside Lilly Claire at Church on Sunday." "Certainly but don't you think you should ask her first?"Mom tells him. Bill Lee calls her and she says "yes." Whew that were a load off his mind. After Church Bill Lee ask her would she like to see a movie. She says yes, "but you must properly ask my Mom and Dad." Bill Lee replies, "no I don't want them to go, just me and you." Lilly Claire laughs, "you big silly pig farmer, not them to go with us, just ask them if we can go together." Bill Lee laughs, sorry I'm a might new at this."
      Bill Lee asks Tom and Susan Meriwether in such a sincere and polite manner, no way would they refuse. Tom tells the story like this. Bill Lee and Lilly Claire side by side looking at Susan and him with puppy dog eyes. Bill Lee asks politely, "can Lilly Claire go to the movies with me, please?"
      That is the beginning of Bill Lee and Lilly Claire. Everyone agrees they are the cutest couple and made for one another because of their passion for all animals.
      Benny Hill receives a urgent call from Vet Meriwether. Tom ask Benny to please bring Bill Lee to the Campbell Horse Farm immediately. Apparently a prized Stud Horse has gotten himself into one hell of a jam. Wrapped himself somehow in high tensile strength wire from the fencing and fighting to free himself he was close to cutting his neck vein. Attempts to help only spooked the animal more.
      The Vet wants Bill Lee to use his natural gift to calm the poor thing down and administer a sedative that will literally put the horse to sleep on his feet. Bill Lee never bats an eye, removes his I love hogs hat and nonchalantly talks to and approaches the heavily puffing and terrified Stallion. Bill Lee looks the animal squarely in the eyes. The valuable Stud returns Bill Lee's deep and penetrating eyes. There was 10 people witnessing this amazing sight. Bill Lee slowly with his arms extended out in front of him to show the animal he means no harm walks right up to the horse's flared out nostrils, not touching but allowing the horse to smell him. He runs his left hand on top of the animal's head and comforts him while soothing and stroking his neck with his right hand. The horse immediately starts to calm down and breaths deeper. Bill Lee lays his head against the horse's head and places his left hand around the massive neck, talking to him rubbing him with his right hand. The horse never flinches as Bill Lee injects the sedative.
      Benny Hill watches every move his son makes. Bill Lee and the animal become one, putting his life in an unknown hand. "Trust and love overrode fear." Horse people watch as Bill Lee soothes the terrified horse. Bill Lee was just a hog farmer. They all work together to cut the animal from his bonds. Everyone shakes Bill Lee's hand and pats him on the back except for one. She runs up and jumps into his arms and gives him a thank you kiss, as everyone looks on. She didn't care this was her man, she was laying claim. It just so happens a photographer takes a shot of a sleepy horse and Bill Lee and Lilly Claire kissing . Headlines for The Farm Country Gazette.   

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