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Thursday, October 14, 2010


          I want to tell you when my silliness reaches its maximus. "Huh!" say you. I get homma about 3 AMA. Let the dog out , he barks when he wants back in. I get a large glass of water. (I hear you!!!) Yes, water right out of my faucet, from my water supply deep underground. Water that "Mother Nature" has filtered to perfection. Not Glacier water with remnants from Chernobyl in it. That crap might taste better but I don't want my pee to be fluorescent green when I go to the bathroom. Also, I ain't going to pay $5 a gallon for it. Who in the hell would of come op with such a lame brain idea, anyhow? No sir I ain'ta  gonna do it! My water cost me little. I believe my body is maxed out from Flu shots, pestishit, oops! Did I write what I think I wrota, maybe nobody will notica, (been trying to learn Spanish) after thinking about fluorescent pee. Okay all the crap in our body, no! not crap, crap "Pollutants." Do you see what I see, I bet you don't !!! assa it's past my bedtime, when most people, "NORMAL PEOPLE." By the way what is normal? Poll = POLITICIANS , utants = MUTANTS. Where am I going with this ??? OKAY,! OKAY! Damn little Joe PesKy has taken up residence in my brain.
          I know my Buddy Timster sees where I ama going with this. Hi Tim "I SEE YOU!" This "Bud" is for you. When is a Politician the fullest with with so much "green" pollutants??? JUST BEFORE ELECTION DAY.      
                                                                                                              G. E. G.

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