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Monday, October 25, 2010


10/17/2010 (Midnight)---Nic-O-Las is not feeling well, he upchucks his dinner. My 10 year old Yorkshire, believe me when I say "terror" instead of Terrier. Probably a bellyache as he will eat anything. His head hangs low. Is he sorry for the mess he made or because he is feeling poorly? He cannot rest continually moving from place to place.
3AM---I get 3 hours sleep he is looking bad, his head is low and looking up at me pitifully. He occasionally lets out a whine from discomfort. I'm convinced it;s a bad bellyache because when he goes out he eats grass; natures cure. He cannot get comfortable and won't eat. He drinks slowly.
8AM---Bad upset stomach I think!
10/18(midnight)---It has now been 24 hours and no improvement. He cannot rest and cannot understand. I try to comfort him but he does not wish to be held.
3 AM---He is lying on my bed. I pet him and talk to him trying to comfort him. He rolls over on his back asking me to rub his belly. I rub it trying to make the discomfort go away, if only for a little while. He is listless and has been 24 hours since he slept. 
5AM---He goes outside. He was out for maybe 15 minutes so I holler for him, Nic-O-Las and he does not respond. I go outside and see him laying face into the ground. The temperature is 55 degrees. I pick him up and he is unresponsive and terribly cold. I say to myself, is this it for him. I place him to my chest. I hold him tight with my right arm under his chest. He feels so cold and his heart beat is slow. Breathing is slow and shallow. If he dies I want him to go in my arms feeling my warmth. Smelling my scent and feeling my love. Not outside on the cold ground.
6AM---I think his suffering has caused him to go into shock. He is tired and giving up! I hold him tightly rocking him, rubbing his chest and belly. I tell myself this is it, won't be long now. With tears in my eyes I tell him fight Nic-O-Las.
            Earlier in the day he followed me around holding his head to the floor. I talked to him but could not get him to wag his nub of a tail. I think definitely not feeling well, he'll snap out of it. Normally I can look at him or speak to him and he will wag his nub.
           It does not look good. I can barely feel his side move as he breathes. Heart beat is dangerously slow. I lay him on my desk and cradle him snugly to my chest. I continue to rub his chest and belly and talk to him. I provide him with my body heat. I occasionally blow on his right ear. He flinches it, still a glimmer of hope.
7AM---I am giving him heat and love. If he dies he will die in my arms.
8AM---He is fighting, I have held him for 3 hours. He is now breathing deeper. His heart rate is quicker. Body does not feel like the death rigidity of earlier when I pick him up off the ground.
9AM---I place him beside me in bed. I hold him close for warmth. I sleep 2.5 hours he is lying beside me, feeling warmer. I pick him up and steady him next to the water. His head is hanging so low his nose touches the water. After 5 seconds he drinks. Definitely a good sign. I pick him up and place him on a blanket on my desk. He is nowhere near normal but appears over the hump. I bought lamb and rice for him yesterday. I 'll try it.
12 (midday)---I place a tiny bit on my fingertips and show it to him. He ignores it. I tell him try just a little bite. He licks it off my fingers and licks my fingers clean. I try a bit more and he licks that off. That is real good.
1PM---I lay back down he and I both need rest. I place him beside me. After sleeping 3 hours he is still beside me. I pet him and ask "how are you doing Nic-O -Las."
4PM---He is sleepy, never one for waking up quickly. I talk to him and take him to the water bowl. Shaky and sleepy he drinks, slowly but more this time. I carry him outside and sit him down, not interested. I believe he needs more incentive. I carry him over to a landscape brick. Leg pops up and he lets it fly. I tell him good boy another good sign. I carry him back inside and place him on the bed.
5PM---He eats a bit of the lamb and rice. He doesn't seem interested. I 'm going to Walgreens, on the drive over I decide to get chicken and rice for him.
6PM---When I open the door Nic-O-Las is off the bed to greet me head still hanging low. He looks up at me . I ask him "how you doing." I get a couple wags of the tail, a real good sign! He walks over to the water and drinks. I pick him up and try the chicken and rice. He eats with more passion, After another bite he licks my fingers clean, Yes!
7PM---I have been worrying about my little Buddy and now my stomach is growling. I have not eaten anything today. I am craving mashed potatoes. I place Nic-O-Las where he can see me. While I fix potatoes he watches every movement I make. Alert and curious a real good sign.
8PM---He intently watches me. My meal consist of mashed potatoes. The best damn mashed potatoes I ever made. I watch Jeopardy, he watches me. I start writing this story while still fresh.
9.30PM---Nic-O-Las is napping trying to catch up on his ZZZ's. He did not sleep for 36 hours. He has worn himself out, "he is dog tired."
          He has been my Buddy for 10 years. We have been through the good, the bad and the ugly together. He was only 4 months old and psychalogically scared when he came to live with me. I could identify with him because I too carry scars of life.
                                                                END PART ONE

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