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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Makes one wonder . . . how far we've progressed, if you can lose a Jet! Satellites can take a picture of everything from above. One of these Boeing 777 are huge, and we lost one? Maybe them Pirates are moving on up stealing Jets now!

Pirates have been kidnaping ships and holding them for ransom. They board the ships at night in small boats and take a whole ship hostage and ask millions for return.

Apparently they don't know it's 2014, they ain't suppose to do that! I personally can't imagine that, and find it hard to believe. Seems, so impossible! Yet they report it on the evening news and in the newspapers so it has to be true . . . right?

Back to the Boeing 777 aircraft. So Amelia Earhart's plane was never found, I do think that's a completely different kind of dilemma. Damn, they didn't even have radar back then, did they? I can see how that could happen, in 1937. But an aircraft like a 777 in the information age of today. Everybody seems to be flummoxed over this situation.

I read where we're still using 1950 radar technology in our modern world, I shake me head, and go, "WHAT!"

I'm totally flummoxed, nothing makes, no sense, no more, no how! Is it just an old fart who can't think no more, or what?

I'm skimming the local newspaper at break looking for something interesting. Hard to do I must say! I like reading them small articles in the back and I found this one.

Researchers peered into the faint light that remains from the big bang of 14 billion years ago.

I say, "WHAT?"

Sometimes I have a little bit of trouble, distinguishing reality, a manic phase. a down mood, or my dreams.

I cannot read the fine print on anything and my glasses are not that old. So let me get this straight they peered into what, to see the faint light of the big bang!

I'll admit to having many a fine bangs, while having sex and visualizing stars! A time or two seeing a whole planetarium!

I have a pretty darn good imagination and have smoked a little in me younger days, also been drunk a time or two. Have hit my head so hard, I have seen stars, but what in the hell are these Researchers using to spot the original, first BIG BANG ya' know?

Am I ever flummoxed!

WELL I THINK I'LL SUMMARIZE WHAT I'VE REPORTED, GLENVIEW STYLE. Well I think this here report speaks for itself goodnight!

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  1. I think "they" know more about what happened to that jet than they are letting on