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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Right Now, I be in a Strange Mood!

At this very moment 5:12 am, I find myself in a rather strange mood even for me! I be half mad, half pissed off, add some happiness and the feeling that only a nice warm shower can give, a tad of meatloaf, actually a meatloaf sandwich, with mustard, a glass o milk, had to work over an hour and you know how old Glen hates overtime!

Ah, ha, "daylight in the swamp!" Could it be, nah. No really . . . could it be a wee bit of something that happened to a young, whipper-snapper at work that makes me be in the,  I told you so mood?!?!

(((Hey?Can I do that, you know? Put one of them pretty exclamation points, upside down i's you know, and a question mark together? Can I huh? I most assuredly ainna, gonna, worry 'bout it! Why? Cause this here be GLENVIEW, it be my blog and I can do anything . . .  I wanna! How come, because I wanna have some fun and, "I DO IT . . .  MY WAY!!!"

Oh! oh! oh! An idea just hit me. IF-UN any of my school English Teachers were still alive, I'd send them some of my posts. I'd tell them "thanks for teechin me English!" That would sure-nuff push them towards the great beyond quicker, wouldn't it?

I told you I was in a most unusual mood, didn't I? I wish to see if I can end every sentence with a question mark, or a cute little exclamation point, do you think I can?

Let me see if I can stay on one subject, I doubt it! I had to make a delivery 30 miles north tonight and an unscheduled one, 15 minutes south. I get so bored driving on the interstate, I'm afraid I'm going to have an accident. It just plum bores me too death! The delivery south was unexpected and I was early! Damn imagine, anybody being early today!

It's been quite a spell since I've made the southern delivery. My boss gives me the key since I'm so early. "Here's the key to the west door" she said."No problem," I think. That's not to be the case, there's no lights on that side of the building, I don't have a flashlight! Surely . . . I can get the key in the little hole, you know, we guys have been doing this kind of thing in the dark for a long time!  I took me some deep breaths, relaxed, really focused on something that seemed so very important . . .  you know! Well . . .  I jabbed a few times and couldn't find that little hole. I thought when I find it, it  will feel . . .  so good!!!

(((I'm sure I need not draw you a more clearer picture, but sometimes men need a tad of guidance in the dark when their excited you know!!!)))

Well I explode at getting the key in the little hole in the darkness! Little did I know other problems would soon wear me out! I'm now in a darkened building and I have no flashlight and . . .I'm in the dark, you see!  (No excuse me you can't see because I cannot see!)  I'm letting my eyes get even more accustom to even the darker predicament I be in!

Well I'm hard of hearing and when you're some what deaf you learn to go with the flow! You just smile and shake your head yes! You're asking "how is that going to help me in the situation I find myself in at that moment?" Kind a funny the things you think about ain't it? I move real slow, as to not bust my old ass, you know? I visualize where I'm standing, in correlation to how I remember it a couple years ago. I make it to the dock and manage to get the dock door open and the manual lift up! The darkest dark, has become a tad less dark! I feel my way around the doorways searching for a switch. I'm thinkin',

"what in the hell is wrong with these people down here, don't they know where to put the light switches?"

Somehow?!?! Like a man fumbling in the dark, I do find enough lights to get me most of the way with my two pallets. I find my way to where I feel is sufficient and drop my load. Sheesh! this has been one hell-uva night!

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  1. I don't think I should say what thoughts were going through my head when I read this !! :-)