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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Help Wanted

hello, my FRIENDS!

Seen a sign today on a pick-up truck, "for sale by owner." Did that ever get me started, EVERY time I see this, I think . . . who else is going to sell it? You must have a title here where I reside! Sooo, is someone who is not "the owner going to sell you the pick-up!!!

My favorite convenient store was built maybe five years ago, ever since there have been a sign on the front door, "help wanted." So several years later, their still looking for help? I've seen a hell of a lot of people behind the cash register taking money! I sure hope, they're the help!!! ""mAyBe . . . NoT!""    Could they just jump behind the counter, taking money until their pockets are stuffed then, sell the convenient store to some one who is not the owner, you know, like the pick-up truck?

I went to the bathroom the other day at my favorite convenient store, there smackdab on the door was a help wanted sign. I FROZE ON MY TRACKS ON THAT ONE . . .  a thinkin', I best check that door again! Yep it was the bathroom! I were a mite cautious going in, because of the sign on the door, " help wanted!" That seemed a might queer . . .  ya know!

I did a post called "Signs" a while back, every day I see signs and other billboards for example that make me laugh. Example a billboard for the world's largest fast food restaurant. It has their fish sandwich looking, in all its glory. Now, I absolutely love them little fish squares, don't get me wrong, and I also don't know why I love them! Salty little fishees, on an un-sesame-seeded-bun. On the billboard them things look so big and them fish squares were hanging out the bun.

So I be a thinkin'. DAMN . . . I gotta have me one of them san-witch-es, but, I've been watching my salt intake. One day I was a real good boy having practically no salt, and planned after work, I'm going to get me one of them big square fish san-wishes, yes I am!!! Well sure-nuff, I go there. The man in the little speaker said, "sir we're out of fish spam-wich-es." Shite . . .  I'm, I'm, in so much shock, my mouth was a droolin' for one of them square fishey's, I say, "nevermind and don't get nothin'!"

((( Yes . . . I did play around with the word sandwich above! Just a checkin' to see if you caught that! )))

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  1. Hey you could apply for that job at the convenience store and that way you could be at your favorite store all day long !

    Those fish sandwiches you are talking about......they are not very big these days so you didn't miss but about 4 bites :-)