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Friday, January 17, 2014

Write Something, Yet Say, Nothin'!

I have gone back through some of my, started, but never worked on again posts! Reckon, there be a heap more, than I thought. I might just finish 'em, but right's now, I feel liked doing something live! I don't know if that be good, or bad . . . Well, at least not till I see what's gonna happen! I be relaxed, I kain't say, I'm feelin' good, that would be a lie and I can't lie to you! I'm cold, and have the hankerin for, oh my God, should I tell you what I'm gonna eat? No! Ah, ha, ha, ha,! A little Glenview humor, by the way I be Glen! Howdy . . . I'll be your misfit for tonight's, goings, ons.  I also must warn you, I'm fixin" to write something, yet say nothin'!

When I was a tadpole, my Mother would fix, fried taters, and eggs. Yep, that's what she liked! I'd roll my little noise up at that. I wasn't a fan of such food, back then. Well every now and then since I've gotten older, and on real cold winters nights, like tonight, guess what I like it?. I know, I know tain't healthy, fer ya! Well just kiss my arse! If ya, donna, knowa, whata, arse is, usa, youra imagination! Damn . . .  I'mma feelin' goood, this mornin'! Wait a sec, I gotta check me fried taters, please hold . . . . . I be a using this here cute little frying pan, the littlest un, I ever did see. I cut me up a couple small taters, ama frying them up, and I'mma gonna fry me a couple eggs, um, um good!

WARNING! WARNING! Better not try this at home! Ifin, you be a health nutto, your body may go into shocko!

Seems to me, there ain't nothin', good for us no more.

Okay, the fried taters and eggs were a slice of Hillbilly Heaven. I may make fun of my Daddy's family, only because they were! That's funny by itself!

Yes, I know, you're not following me, that's always my goal, because I was poking fun at my Momma earlier. Yep I was! She be a country gal, but not a hillbilly! She be normal! Oh my God, never thought I'd say that, about my Momma!

On the other hand, or the other side of the family, would make a lot more sense.

You know what the opposite of the last sentence would be? Not a lick of sense!

Them taters and eggs done fried, me mind!

Remember earlier I warned you, " I was fixin' to write something, yet not say nothing'." It's still true ain't it?

You know, I be having some fun at my expense, causin' I got no sense!

How's my meandering, say absolutely nothing, about nothing, any different than them speech writers that write for Politicians?

They put in all these pretty sounding words, for the Politician to speak around in, meandering  nonsense.


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  1. I love fried taters and eggs. Don't make em often anymore, but that's good eatin my friend.

    As for writing something and saying nothing...... That describes my blog perfectly hahaha, so you are not alone there Professor !