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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Have You?

I  was asked, to drive the work truck, which I hate, the last two nights. There is one thing, I had forgotten. The peace of late night causes me to think . . .  more! DAMN! I really don't need more! Please take Old Glens word for this! One other thing, I should be concentrating on my driving. The driving bores me, to no end!!! It's certainly easier on my body, than working production, I just don't like it, especially in the winter time. I've been known to bust my ass on the ice every fricking year!!! Probably the reason I have tree bad disc.

I completely forgot to tell y'all, 'bout a BIG boo-boo, that happened to me, the last time I drove the damn, work truck. Most likely, I was tryin' to erase it from my memory. (I wish I could!)This is why I don't want to drive, no more! Are you ready?

I use to make this delivery all the time. I told my boss, "Boss, let these young ins do this, I have done it for years!" (By the way I do call her Boss, she be okay with it. She has worked here 34 years, what can I say!) I have not done this delivery for a long time exceptin', for showing another young-in. I deliver several skids of product to a certain location, using a lift off the back of my truck and line them in the assigned area. Like I said, "I've done it a hundred times." I've unloaded 4 skids in a heavy rain. Like I wasn't mad enough about about having to make this delivery, and it was fricking raining! I'm inside my truck turning around  a skid of product, I hear a loud noise, a cracking sound. I thought to myself, "what the hell was that?" It was a sound, I've never heard before. Remember now I'm hard of hearing, but I have my hearing aids in. Oh well! I don't know what it was! Well, after I take the skid down on my lift gate, I'm taking it to where I was going to place it, I see, what the noise was! Glass lay everywhere! A plate glass window approximately 8 foot by 8 foot was shattered  Let me just say, "that be one hell of a lot of glass!!!"

I wish to leave you with that thought momentarily, as I must add to, my other, threatening, problem. Yes there BE, more, than, one! This was a delivery on my off day. I sometimes have, a going to the bathroom problem. The toilet paper end. Just before the glass went, ba-lou-ey, the need was creeping up, from deep inside! I do not have a key to the building! "I'm a fixin', to be in, a heap of shit, if a miracle, does not come my way, s-o-o-n! You do see my dilemma, don't you?

So when I take a gander at the 64 square feet of doorway, that just opened up!!!   Relief was in sight! Yes, I jump through that miracle on Washington Street, and done the squeeze walk, to the bathroom. Only thing I can say is, "the bathroom be within . . . breeches filling up distance!!!"

How do I spell relief?     "Fllllttt" . . . I hope you got that, a cause, I, ainna, gonna, explain, any further!!!!!

One problem taken care of!

The wet, as a drown rat. noo  longer concerns me, as I walk back through, the miracle opening!

"""What the hell am I gonna do?"""

Plays, like a stuck record, in my head! I regain a lick of sense, and finish my delivery, like any good delivery person, SHOULD!

Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night, nor gators in me belly, nor shattered gigantic windows, shall stop Old Man Glen, from his assigned duties!!!

Now what do I do about the 64 square foot in question? I call my boss, after all that's why their called Bosses!

I said, "call the maintenance man, I just broke out a BIG . . . window."

OKAY? Do you want to hear the most unusual thing, like there, has not been strange happenings so far!  This business where, I have just broken a big ass window . . . [ drum roll ] is the home office of where I work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After my head stops spinning, and some clearer, thinkin'. I do not remember nudging my hand jack, even the slightest into the glass. But, I had to of, had to! (What do you think of that last sentence is that not, a real doozie!) (((Damn! I'm on some kind of a roll, yet, I know not what.)))

I thought, since I heard the glass shatter, while I was in the truck, there is no way, I hit the glass, but after much pondering, there is no other logical conclusion!


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