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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello . . . It's ME, Again!!! Nevermind!

After yesterday's post, I don't know what to say. Probably best I say nothin'! The little piece I wrote sure was fun, that's what I want it to be, fun for me and possibly a slight smile or even a chuckle. Yep, that's what I hope for.

You know, or you won't, till I tell you. I've drove the work truck 3 days out of 5 this week. Kind a funny, cause, they said over a year ago, "Glen will get someone else to drive, so you can stay here in the warm, cozy factory." It was 15 degrees and snowing, so much for having a toasty derriere!"

I listen to talk radio sometimes, while driving. There was a guest on selling a book he just wrote, about axe murderers, over 150 years ago outside Saint Louis. First who cares, and who would want to buy a book where eight people are murdered! Not me! No one was ever convicted.

I think I'll look at the newspaper headlines and give my thoughts. Haven't done that in awhile.

(Just a thinkin', do they put the letters in the same place on the keyboard. Maybe they change places every day on me! That's why I cannot get the hang of this typin'! Just a thought!)

SORRY, about that thought!

Work went real swell tonight. It took us 5 hours to do a job that should of took 4, so I had it easy. Oh well, some of the help today. You can give them a job, but!


Hey? You know what? I may have hit on something here! I'll say something and let you finish!

How about we start with this one? Glen is a ?

You got the hang of it now?

                                      HEADLINE NEWS IN THE HEARTLAND

1.1 TRILLION BUDGET AGREEMENT.    They spend money like it's printed on paper!

This one is a real riot!    SURGEON GENERAL ADDS TO LIST OF SMOKING'S HARMS.   I'll just bet ya, that'll stop, the smoking!

I like this one,    COST OF FLYING, ON THE RISE.    I prefer to take a trip here on the farm! (You know there was an old song, about smoking one, up high on the windmill. Maybe you don't! Just a flashback, Never mind!)

This is a letter to the editor, you know where people sound off and show their intelligence, like me! This article states, that our fine elected officials "should let the people decide!" Am I missing something here? Since when did our fine elected officials ever give a rat's ass about listening to "We The People."   Sure seems like, I have read those words before !!!  Never mind!

SEMIS LITTER INTERSTATE AFTER SNOWFALL. We've had a dozen snowfalls this year. Where have all these Semi drivers been, hibernating at the truck stops!

Let's look at sports.

Pacers has the best record in the N. B. A.   WHAT?????

I would like to end, (pleeaassee!)   Caught an old movie late, like 4 a m. I watch a couple scenes, and goose bumps, come up on my goose!   What?   Just seeing if you're still there!!! This was a 1935 black and white movie with Peter Lorre of Crime And Punishment. Somehow I never pictured Peter Lorre as Raskolnikov! Never mind!    

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