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Friday, January 10, 2014

Shorts, Sandals and Stuff!

I was able to go outside, a couple a days ago, wearing shorts and sandals, there's a heat wave, beautiful sunshine, I'm a going to lounge, around in my lounge chair, and apply suntan lotion, to, darken slowly, like a Thanksgiving Turkey! Only I be a human turkey . . .gobble! gobble!, y'all already, know that, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!! I'm in one of my moods! I wish to go where I ainna gone before, stretch the limits of my boundaries, like me, ever increasing waistline!!! HA! HA!

YEAH! ALTHOUGH . . . ABOVE FREEZING IS NICE! NOT QUITE, THAT NICE!!! (And believe you me I have a good imagination !!!)

While I sat down after work, my dog, demands, my attention. Such a wonderful feeling, I can't, refuse, my little buddy!. I lie back, in my lazy-old-man recliner, and place a small blanket over my sore knees, lights out! Me and Buddy are a dreaming! Buddy's running through beautiful green grass in springtime, as a young pup. I'm a young lad shooting basketball in the school yard! In dreamland Buddy has no seizures, I have no body aches.

Turmoil of the day are cleansed with my little buddy's help. Every family should have a Mind Cleanser in every home, just as we have a dishwasher. Maybe I'll invent one. I would make an electronic robot dog, that senses your emotions.

Sheeesh, shoulda, coulda, woulda, be a wonderful thing! Take them old fashion electrodes, the mental institutions used to zap them criminally insane, or the different, not normal, trouble makers, free thinkers . . . so on and so forth. Years ago, I'll bet ya, them crazy assed, mad, fraudian witch doctors, before all these new wonder drugs was brewed up by mad, basement dwelling, mad scientist. I'll betcha they'd charge the State by the zappings! Can you imagine what their electric bill would be? I bet the state even paid for that!!! There used to be State Hospitals for the mentally insane in my State. Years back they done away with these type ???? places. They moved them into what was called Half-Way houses! Half-Way to where? They already have problems so much that they cannot exist in NORMAL society!  It's my contention, many ended up in prison. Some of the lucky ones, with the aid of modern drugs, sit at home looking out the window, instead of the Institution. It is also my contention that some did survive the Half-Way house and were introduced into the Normal society as slave labor, for big conglomerate chain stores and restaurants.       

 Ah the comfort, the silence of nighttime. I'm going to practice my typing. Man! I have a bunch of unfinished, strange posts. (I find that hilarious, all my posts are strange!) Most make no sense, even to me, and I write them . . . although  not right . . .  I read some of my unfinished ones, I'm certain, there is such a thing as spirit writing. I think "I need several spirits in me that does know how to write!"

"All you wandering spirits that wish to further screw with Glen's mind! Pleeease . . . come on down!"

Good golly Miss Molly!!!

There ain't no reason why, I should have so much fun, is there? I have been thinkin' 'bout, nye onto three years now, to write the actual true to life happenings, at my place of employment. That would be hilarious! I cannot seem to apply the ultimate silliness, that I witness, every  night, into words. I don't think there are words, I can use, to properly explain the hysterical, dysfunctional, situations.

Well I'll be doggie!!! I just a had me a dandy idea! I'll just make up me own words, and you know howsa, I like a, to make up my own words! Yippee! Maybe, just may-be, my screwed up American style of, improper English, a gonna pay off!

I think I'll jump right into it with a serious thought I had at work, hopefully, I can get my sense of humor into it.

Seems to my eyes, (and I have new eyeglasses) a battle of the old and the new is shaping up. The older ones have a completely different mindset, because we have been around for a spell. We have earned our way, by experience. . . into experience! The young ones walk in, thinking they deserve what we have worked for, now.

Several months ago a young man through a temporary agency said, "I want to do computer work. I laugh and tell him, "The computer work is at best, 5% around here, and the bosses do it!"

I added "if you want to do computer work, you better go to college!"

He did not find it as funny as I did! I was laughing inside, thinking, "All the time spent on gaming and whatever the young-ins do, have not prepared them for reality, and this here is . . .  real reality"

My generation was built out of haftin' too!. Today's younger ones think they can come in and make a living on computers. (Where I work, ainna owned, by Bill Gates! Where I work, it's mostly old fashion work, as in physical work, not computer work.)

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  1. Your blogs are strange but in a good way and always a bit of wisdom in the mix. You know I thoroughly enjoy what you write and can't wait for the next post.

    Looking forward to those stories about work.... just be careful to change the names to protect the guilty !

    Have a great week my friend and dream of a tropical island somewhere in the middle of the cold and snow :-)