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Thursday, January 9, 2014


I decided to take a break, while typing, and watch a movie, All The King's Men, the 1949 version. I'm sure I'll talk about it later. It intrigued me, in many ways. Funny, I know I've seen this movie before. Naturally it's been a long time ago. Once color T. V. became the standard, now I have to think a wee bit on that. There wasn't a television set in my family until I was 'bout 12, I reckon. Before that Saturday evening at Grandpa's was the thrill.

 I remember one day we went downtown to Sears. There was a portable probably 19 inch model we come home with. It was  like Christmas you see. I helped dad put up the antenna and pointed it northward. Four clear channels, the major channels and one local one, well it was about 50 miles away. We were in electronic heaven. This was around 1963.

For those of you from today, I don't quite how to equate that. Maybe if you can remember the olden days, before cell phones, upon which nobody in today's world today can do without, except for yours truly, you might, I say MIGHT, have a tad, of understanding.

"What did I do for relaxation and to pass the time?"

Now that's a darn good question! I'm going to try and go back to 1963. I must ponder on that. I'll go into my meditation mode, hopefully I won't fall asleep. In this year, In 1963 I became a paper boy. I delivered 85 copies of the local paper, on my trusty steed, my Schwinn bicycle. I was clearing $8.00 a week, the paper delivered to your door was less than four bits, (.45 cents) six days a week. Man O man, I was in the money! Cigarettes were about .25 cents a pack.( No, no, no! I did not smoke,) back then all adults apparently was too lazy to buy their own smokes, that's what kids are for. A bottle of Coca-Cola was .05 cents, a candy bar was the same. I could go to the theatre and watch the latest western at a real old time theatre. (Yes-sir-re-bob. I know, I spelled theater/theatre!)  I think of an old time movie house, like they made in early 1900's, as a theatre, they'd show silent films, vaudeville, and such. Whilst I think of the modern screenings of movies as shown in a theater. The magnificence of seeing a show/movie in a real theatre was part of the excitement, feel. The seats, the smell, the balcony, the building itself so . . . magnificent! 

DAMN!!! Sometimes, I do . . . get carried away! 

If any of you young ones read my posts, look at a 1963 Chevrolet Impala, compare it to whatever the most popular car of today is? I'm too old to know! I drive a Mercury Mountaineer.

I've been hard of hearing all my life, I have missed, and misunderstood some of the dialogue, couldn't help it. I 've learned to play close attention to body language, feel the story, when missing the dialogue. I still enjoyed the shows, but only recently I have close caption on everything I watch, I catch all the words. I know it probably does not seem like much, but some of these movies is like watching for the first time, because I really understand it all, in ways that were impossible before. Most movies, certainly most television, ya, ain't missing nothin', however it's those meaningful shows that make you think, it's like I'm hearing them for the first time. Compare this to watching your favorite music on the television with the music silenced, or watching dancers with the mute button on. You can still see your favorite musical group, watch the dancers but . . . that ain't good enough is it.

One other thing in todays world is . . . There is this new worker where I work, I've never seen such a person as her. I guess her to be in her fifties. A nervous Nellie I suppose. She has had an incredibly rough time at learning, what I call a simple job. To watch her work makes me nervous! In the break room she never sits still, is up and about doing everything it seems. This got me to thinkin', sorry I can't help it! After a hard day's, actually, night of labor. I can look forward to such a simple thing as relaxing. Can this woman? I really doubt it!

What I'm getting at here, is, I have learned to relax, and understand meaningful things, such as all the dialogue, for the first time in my life. How so? I have found my way through words. Had I not, have taken this adventure ride, I have been on for a few years I would never of learned how to relax in such a meaningful way!

Working in factories all my life, there has always been fast pace, pressure. That pace carries over to everyday life, unwillingly so. I know you out there know what I mean! It's not the hard work that kills us, it's the mental frenzy.

To come home and relax, to understand the dialogue, completely, with dialogue worthwhile, it is wonderful. I'm doing that for the first time in my life and I'm an old man.


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