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Sunday, March 27, 2011


          Simplicity is a simple state of mind. That is me! Also freedom from complexity, hallelujah, I'm in the last act of a play called "life" if I don't get it right GLEN VIEW will be no more. All of life's experiences, challenges and self-inflicted chains have taken a grave toll on one old soldier from fighting a lifetime war, that can't be won. You know exactly what I'm saying, don't ya. I have pressed myself not to suceed, but to simply survive. The complexities of life, along with the lack of skills needed to overcome pressures have brought me to near extinction. My life force grows dim at times but somehow I muster up the courage to continue. My goal is to simplify, no matter what... Everything must be reduced to its simplicity...
          I have told myself more than once, if I ever had the opportunity to relay my message, it would be done so heartfelt and humorously. I never envisioned myself writing; however I have been given the opportunity to do so with the encouragement of a friend. We are opposites but that is good. He represents the conscious of hope. I wish to offer my stories/comments in their simplest form. We are opposites, he represents the John Lennon of our generation and I am The Andy Griffith Show. Both needed now more than ever.   
          To understand me a bit, I grew up experiencing the hell and damnation side of religion. I could never comprehend a God making souls come to him out of fear. I witnessed too many Martyr's controlling that way! It simply does not work for me, it pushes me away. That type of leader or God I don't wish to know. For anything to be true, it must feel right from the heart.
          While attempting to string words together coherently, I confess to not knowing the proper techniques. I absolutely loathed English class but that is another story, I'll someday write. I now challenge myself to learn with each new post. I enlist the much appreciated and needed support from family and friends as I peck away with what my mind tells me to say, aided from the heart. I wish this blog to be simple, give a chuckle, a tear or passing thought makes it all worthwhile. We need places to get away from life's continual drainage of spirits and hearts. Bring back the child we once knew in all of us is my vision. The simplicities of a beautiful sunset, instead of warping our minds through the everlasting news cast headlining slow death. To enjoy one of our earliest treasures as we learn the joy and happiness in reading a good book and the pleasurs of unleashing the imagination within, so that we could ride shotgun along with the Harry Potter's of our time. Those were the days my friends and I want that back one more time before the last page of my life.
          This is my vow to any one who reads my simpleness. This goal I'll work on diligently, I promise! I may slip away to the dark side occasionally as evil entities slip in under my radar. I search for simplicity of life and hope it becomes my fountain of youth mentally and spiritually. AS ALWAYS THANK YOU FOR VISITING THE MIND I CALL GLEN VIEW.       



  1. Hey Glen,

    Nice summary of life you presented to us! my experience, God has never required anyone to come to Him in fear, you may be confusing God with some hired hand that orgainized religion had paid to spread lies! ;-)

  2. All I am give peace a chance!
    Beautiful sentiments, Glen...and expressed very well! Kudos.