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Sunday, March 13, 2011


          Time has passed since the old middle school was demolished. I'll always treasure my last visit. Those memories are forever in my mind. No one can understand my love of an old building, let alone believe me! Such foolishness, they would believe that I've gone mad.          
          The old saying "time heals all wounds" hopefully is accurate! Two years later I'm driving near the old schoolhouse. Suddenly thoughts of it fills my mind. Blasts from the past, I laugh at my sentimental silliness, remembering my last time inside and the corniness of saying good-bye to a building. I can't believe I napped peacefully as if lying in my own bed, whatever possessed me to do such a thing! I drive through a large parking lot, where once stood a magnificent schoolhouse. I remember school officials voting unanimously to save the original archway of the main entrance as a tribute, "HEADSTONE" seems more proper!  
          I spend a few moments of reflection at the schoolhouse memorial. I reminisce about my first day of school. I had worked myself into a nervous frenzy before the massive three story structure appeared. What will I do, if I cannot find my classrooms? I was worrying about its size and numerous other buildings. I remember asking myself, why must I attend such a big frightening old school anyway?
          The good times at Mr. Schoolhouse begin to cross my mind from out of the blue, a few days after stopping to pay my respects. Certain smells or certain songs from those years would cause goose bumps. Then one day I'm scanning channels on the television and come across the movie Animal Farm. Immediatly I zoom backwards in time to my eighth grade homeroom class and Mr. Wampler was reading this book to his class. Do they have Teachers like that today, I certainly hope so! If you would of asked me one second before dejavu time, to name one of my Teachers in middle school my mind would of drawn a blank. I'm having way too many instances of dejavu and way too many dreams about the middle school to be coincidences. Is something trying to get my attention?
          Once I address to myself that something quite out of the ordinary is happening I lie down to dream, where my imagination really takes charge. I admit to having an overly active imagination but what happens in my next dream is a leg up, even for me!
          In my dream, I'm back at the precise moment and sitting in back of the auditorium, on my last visit to the schoolhouse. I hear and feel a whispering, breeze blowing through the building. The mild breeze blows through my body and I feel its warmth as I inhale. The full moon acts as a spotlight at that very second, a most magnificent golden aura appears on my right, then slowly dissipates. Visible by the moon's glow stands a man looking directly at me. His eyes are continuously changing colors. It's stature is that of a seventh grader. The little ones clothing seems as if it's a hodgepodge of clothing covering the last century. Imagine items left unclaimed over 100 years. Please tap into your most vivid imagination of when you were a child, now you can see the little wee one can't you!!! The strangely attired one, who I'll call "Wee" has an delightfully imaginative taste of clothing. Every young girl that has experimented with wardrobe searching for her own style, would be brought to tears, from laughter at wee's sight. I give out a belly laugh. One cannot help but laugh at such a humorous heartwarming spectacle. After my laughter subsides and I wipe tears from my eyes, I now see the most beautiful floor length hair I have ever seen. Wee has a beard that is the same beauty as his hair. Wee smells like a school full of freshly bathed students with the light scent of mixed perfumes. The scene is breathtakingly heartwarming.
          Wee says "Eddie I was beginning to think you would never ask the golden question. Until you acknowledged something out of the ordinary is at play, I could not make myself known. I summons you into the schoolhouse on your last visit to judge your willingness to accept me. I am the embodiment of all students who ever walked these hallways. I came to be when the first student walked through the door. I do not wish to leave and cannot go to the new school it is not allowed. I must be near the thirst for knowledge or I cannot survive. You Eddie have never lost that, your thirst will never be quenched. While you nap last time here I look into your heart. I appear to you as your imagination and heart sees old Mr. Schoolhouse, both you and I see him like old friends. You see the school with a heart covered in gold. Riches measured in purity, you cherish the golden age of needful things such as the treasure chest of gold representing the 3 R's. You see students coming into the schoolhouse, yearning for learning! The old school still represents to you Abe Lincoln reading by the golden glow of firelight. We are kindred spirits whose fault is times passes us by. Structures are replaceable but the gold is measured in the lives of the students who have graced these halls. I wish to live in your heart, we are reminders and need such to survive both you and I. Both of us shall be together as friends just like the old schoolhouse and I was. Thanks Eddie".

Hope you enjoyed my story and thanks until next time.       

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