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Friday, March 25, 2011


          What does a Circus make you think of ? I remember watching The Greatest Show on Earth, only this was a movie about a Circus. A very good movie as I remember it and had a cast of stars. What is it about years ago, everything was bigger, better! Quite possibly the movie theatre itself make it seem larger than life!!! There's flair to the old time theatre, it possesses a magical, larger than life aura. A huge lobby with spiral staircases, the decor was pure Hollywood. Down stairs was huge and up top was a large balcony for the love bird type. The mood is pure entertainment and the show has not started.  
          Ah, the smells, how do I do justice to the smells? It's a 90 degree summer and I've just ridden my Schwinn to the only movie house in town. I wipe my brow as I dismount my bike, my throat is dry, I could go for a large coca cola with ice about now! I purchase my ticket at a real ticket booth outside the theatre. I go through large wooden doors. Walk five feet and there's identical doors, then the overwhelming smell of freshly popped popcorn hits me. I can't wait to try some as my mouth starts to water. The coolness welcomes me with open arms. I purchase a large drink, popcorn with real butter and a chocolate bar. Now I'm all set for larger than life entertainment. As I'm walking about halfway to my favorite seat, the smell of the old movie house fills me, an ever so slight smell of mustiness. It's the smell of a building that never gets opened to the outside world. That smell gives it, that uniqueness. I sure as hell don't want that outside air anyway today.


          Circus is an amphitheatre in ancient Rome. A traveling show of acrobats, trained animals, clowns, etc. A place or event regarded as being frenzied, wildly entertaining etc.
          I wish to write about the last definition today. It sums up my place of employment. Sometimes frenzied and always wildly entertaining. You either learn to laugh at all the Clowns or visit the Sanitarium. As in GLEN VIEW, yep that is where the name comes from. I'm the Ring Announcer and will introduce the acts. Quite possibly in more detail than you care to know but that's my job, you see. We have more Clowns than any Circus needs and I personally have been negotiating frantically to trade for a Fat Lady, Sword Swallower or a couple Midgets. Damn these are tough times we're in right now! We have an old Elephant that eats peanut butter, not peanuts. We have a real Tall Thin Man, not someone walking around on stilts. We have the worlds "Strangest Man", that's correct strange not strong. We have all kinds of Furry Critters, some are so furry we don't know what they are and I ain't getting close enough to find out. I have been searching for a Bearded Lady, will trade three Clowns for one. Our Lion will miss today's show. We are having minor difficulties. We're forcing cod liver oil down him so we can get one of our little people back. We have Acrobats that are afraid of height, so they mainly run around doing flips and acrobatic stuff on the floor and off the Elephants. The old Elephant that prefers peanut butter got back at Juan, the main Acrobat the other day, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. Skippy as we call him pooped just as Juan was doing a hand spring off Skippy's back and landed in a mess of poo-nut butter. Old Skippy did a hop, skip and a jump, have you ever seen a Elephant laugh? The crowd laughed so hard, as they believe it to be part of the act. I have been negotiating with Juan and Skippy to make it happen. Skippy is all for it but demanding more peanut butter. Juan is holding out for more money and demanding dollars instead of pesos.
          A fan took a video of Skippy poo-poing and laughing on Twitter has received millions of hits. We used to be a three ring Circus until the I R S TOOK TWO OF OUR RINGS FOR BACK TAXES. THE STARTED THEIR OWN CIRCUS!!! Ha ha ha! I was once the Knive Thrower, after stabbing 16 of them damn Clowns they come to me and said "maybe you ought to retire or put your glasses back on." Damn Clowns and here I thoght I had figured out a way to get rid of a them!!! I punctured Bozo there 16 times and never hit one major organ. YOU CANNOT GET RID OF THEM DAMN CLOWNS!!!

          SiLLiNeSS sOmEtImEs HiTs Me AbOuT bEdTiMe. ThAt'S wHaT hAppEnEd HeRe SoRRy.   


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