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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


                                                                        C LOWNS
I have never been fond of clowns. You probably figured that out a few days ago from my post Circus. I
wish to expound on them bozos some more.

Who in their right fricking mind ever thought that someone with stupid hair, a painted face, a big nose, a goofy ass smile, a goofy ass outfit and big ass shoes was funny to young children! Certainly not me. Children have never seen such idiot-laden craziness? Young ones are terribly upset and scared out of their tiny wits. They believe this monstrosity of bright colors is the Boogey Man. Hell yes! that is what I was told at a young age if I wasn't good, the "Boogey Man will get you." Just look at a Clown from a child's view. You're extremely short looking up and all adults look alike. Now you witness a hideous creature wearing more make up than ten old movie stars and hair that is redder than anything you have ever seen.The goofy ass smile is made to look even goofier because of the make up. The nose is horrendous as it looks like an infected booger has swollen it several times its size. Everybody including your Momma is looking and laughing at you. The young child is thinking it ain't funny at all to me, its scary as what you thought the Boogey Man to be!!!

Once you could say the F-word and get devilish grins with silent oohs and aahs from the audience. I remember as a young man listening to Red Fox recorded live in Las Vegas on an eight track tape. For those of you not old enough to remember, Red Fox had a television show in the seventies called Sanford and Son. Oh my, I've given away my age and I. Q., so I may as well continue, I have nothing to loose. Red Fox was before Richard Pryor. You say, you have never heard of Richard Pryor, where the F have you been? Sorry, I temporarily forgot the times before Video Games and 1,000 channels on the boob tube. Sorry once again, bOObs today is slang for parts of the female anatomy, some larger than others also referred to as hOOters. There is a national chain called Hooters, I wonder if there is any connection between the tOO!!! This is going to be harder to explain than I originally thought, SEEMS MY MIND IS VISUALLY STUCK ON... Red Fox played Las Vegas during its golden years. There I go again sometimes these damn words have hidden meaning or a double meaning or a double negative. Shit! I never understOOd that damn F@#$&ing English terminology crap. Oh my, oh my, and here I have been trying to clean up my act; however I wanted to give you a little sampling of Red Fox and I damn sure ain't going to get into the racial stuff, huh ah no way Jose. I personally like Red whether he was cleaning up his language or doing his Vegas act.

Seems Las Vegas is trying to clean its own act up. It's trying to become a more family oriented attraction. I can't see Las Vegas as Disney World can you? They can make the biggest most out of this world @#$&ing spectacular buildings they want, we remember the beginnings of Vegas, it was $$$ & OO's.

I'm into my Alzy years so I might be right or half right or not right! Now where was I. I must reread the article, to make some sense of, what I'm trying to make some sense out of. (If you understand what I just said then YOU need as much help as I do and I recommend the help you need, can only be found one place. Here on GLEN VIEW, Doc View as always is accepting new readers.) Now after that commercial I'll return you to the article.

Gambling, sex, sin, you go see a show in 1960 Las Vegas, you want raunchy, bad guy entertainment and that's what Red gave them. He was black and made fun of all people and used all the political incorrect words and slang. He was raunchy funny, he had to be, do you think gun carrying types, drinking, gambling having fun want to listen to a Sunday Sermon, I don't think so!!! GOODNIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT AND I'LL HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT ENGLISH CLASS. Your friend here at the Sanitarium GLEN VIEW.   

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