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Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's late, do you know where your mind is?

Hell no! I took my medicine about an hour ago and I'm fixin to see where it is.

Ya see I'mma returning to my roots in an attempt to get back in the ballgame!

What are my roots?

I challenge you to go back and read all 600 of my posts to figure it out.

I began this escape into madness by writing in the early hours of the morning.

By the way, "top of the morning to ya!"

It's bee hotter than .  . . well let me just say the temperature is in the 90's and the fricking humidity is also in the nineties.

I have been sweating like a fat man in the summertime.

Okay a wee hint. I like to get looped on my meds and write. I be in the land of loopiness. I should go to bed but the silliness inside me head cries out. Go for it, show everybody how wacko yee is, and what they have been mising, causin, me schedule has been screwed up. I never have anything earth shattering to say. You can watch the world news for that. Although, one thought did cross my mind after the verdict was read on that death in Florida. I fear to mention it but hell ainna nobody gonna read this here blog no how.

Soon the races of the U.S. of A. gonna be so mixed from around the world . . . nobody is gonna be able to use the race card. huh?

YEP! You read me right! No! No! No! I ainna gonna to xplain it to ya. Think upon it fer a spell.   


All you have to do is look at television all the murdering. Makes me skin crawl.

While I'm on this subject. What the fuck is going on with these cadavers in the morgue, you know these Death Doctors slicing up cadavers.

We old assholes complain about the young-ins playing video, shooting and a killing and we suck on our Budweiser, smoking Mary Jane, using crank, crack, crawl, whatever, abusing prescription pills from local Quackers. We see these Pharmas advertising a cure all for EVERYTHANG. Erection problem? Get a hard one with the blue pill. Special this week buy a dozen get a dozen free. No use to have pain get the Appalachian cocaine. Yep, smoke, take, buy from your local black market.

NOBODY, I say "nobody" need suffer today from anything.

Feeling a mite blue, causin, your mean old boss who told you to get yer fat ass in gear. Go to the Doctor and get the latest feel good in a pill, where you'll go back to work, do no more work and not give a rat's ass.


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  1. You know I really miss you Professor :-( You were always my inspiration. The one who motivated me to keep writing. I hope you can get back into this. It is just not the same when you are not here.