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Sunday, July 21, 2013


You know it fills the cockles of an old mans heart, to see the hits, and I am eternally grateful that anyone would read my meandering words. I started getting many new readers from around the world before I went on an unscheduled sabbatical.

From this day forward I'm creating my very own vocabulary. The vernacular I will be using on you will be the words exactly as I think of them in my mind . . . mind-ya. (HA,HA,HA)This will only be found where? Right my good friends. Here only on Glenview, where I tear down all the rules of the properness of the English language. I'm going to break the rules before they make new rules just for me. That's gonna be . . . so FUN.

A good pal of mine once told me "you have to know the rules in order to break the rules."

I said "I know I've already broke all the rules, and a I don't wanna know them."

Yer probably saying "What would hurt to know them rules."

Actually that's a fair question. My answer "BORING!"

For whatever the reason was at the time, a few years ago I began this maddening chapter of my life
I no longer care. In the beginning it sure as hell wasn't fun. Never typed in my life, unlike these young-ins of today,  who are born with computer knowledge, I on the other hand never needed one. I be a workin-man. Never had no computers for us young-ins when I was born. Damn! Television was in it's infancy. Also I hated English class. I'mma getting sideswiped here, a very familiar trait of mine, yes it is.

I get many a laughs at the words the way I hear them in my head and the pronunciation of words in my everyday world. Okay . . . I'll remind you once more, I have a significant hearing loss. Have been somewhat hard of hearing my whole life. I've never passed a hearing test, starting with the first grade. Hey! Don'ta feel sorry for me. I reckon without this hearing loss I wouldn't be me, AND there would be no Glenview. I'm convinced this blog was meant to be as the way to express myself in ways never possible.

I'm from poor folk. How poor? Well, never had indoor plumbing till I was eighteen. Yes, even here in America it happens. I'm the third child of seven. Two died under the age of two. The oldest and the one under me. A red headed sister that devastated me, and have scars to this day. We're poor country folk. A father with mental disorders that were not recognized in those days. I believe he was bipolar with alcoholism. (I'm not an alcoholic and have many highs and lows, shite that be life BABY!) Basically an honest man with a head full of problems, or demons as the Pentecostal Church, I attended as a child would say. I could write a book about my upbringing in this church and will touch upon this occasionally as it is an everlasting part of me.

The everyday world will kill us . . . if we allow it. You know what I'm talkin about. We gotsa find a way to get away from all the insanity around us. I reckon this here be my escape. I', so glad I found it before it was too late. YES I AM!!! Glen

(((No, no, no, I'm not done with my attempt at Crime and Punishmesnt. I justa needa more Time and Encouragement, ahhahahahaha....................................

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  1. Well you know how I feel about rules and HECK with all that. I've always liked how you write and I love your attitude also.

    You always told me to be myself and I am glad that you are who you are and you write the way you do. :-)